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[CLOTHING LINE] Giving to non-profits

I have a clothing line that Im starting up in the memory of my late brother who took his own life two years ago. Has anyone given proceeds to a non-profit? If so, how do I do that? The non-profit I want to give to is save.org, a website dedicated to suicide prevention and education. I just want to know if there is a specific process to it?

2013-06-10 03:19:18

[Fast T-Jet 2] I have 2 t jet 2 but print quality is not the same

I have 2 t jet 2's. The print quality is noticeably different between the two. I usually have 2 computers hooked up to print on them separately.
I've used the same computer with the same design and settings to print on both t jets and I can not determine the cause of the poor quality of the one printer. It is the same no matter which computer I print from but using the exact same print from the same computer should eliminate any software/setting discrepancies.
I have perfect nozzle checks on both printers, but the poor quality printer does not print the under base or whites nearly as well as the 2nd printer and I mean noticeably.
My guess is that it's not the software since I've run the exact same prints from the same computer on both machines.
Any thoughts or suggestions on what might be

2013-06-09 19:30:28

Free Rhinestone Templates

Dipping my toe into all of this so looking for some free templates or sites where you can swap templates to have a play around before I commit.
I have Adkins heat, cap and mug press, solvent printer and summa t160.
All advice welcome

2013-06-09 17:02:05

Put your heat press to work!

I offer design support for pretty much ANY large job for ANY occasion! Put your existing heat press to work for you! I will design, proof and ship your designs fully ready to press on garment of choice! See some samples of what I can offer!
Message me or email me for a quote!
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ImageUploadedByTShirtForums1370758699.67 1096.jpg
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ImageUploadedByTShirtForums1370758725.03 3504.jpg
(28.3 KB)
ImageUploadedByTShirtForums1370758749.09 6480.jpg
(37.4 KB)

2013-06-09 08:19:54

[CorelDraw] - Help with simple line drawing to plotter

Hey...I am having problems. I have created what for most people would be quite a simple line drawing in Corel draw (I am only quite new at using this) I then import my file to my plotter (flexi starter) ....The problem I am having is that I think I may have messed up a setting in either Corel or Flexi as each time I open the file in there the lines are too thin. I weld my drawing together in corel and the lines are 1.2mm thick. what I am trying to do is cut around the outsides of the lines rather than just the middle. I have tried unchecking the box that says import as wireframe and also checking it...but cannot make it work.....a couple of weeks ago I somehow did it but seems since then I have stuffed something or am not grouping or welding correctly? Please help....I know I am only a new

2013-06-09 07:44:28

Why some inks come out glossy and some matte?

Why is it that some of my prints come out glossy and others with a dull finish. Do ink manufacturers sell inks in different finishes? My blacks and blues are all glossy, but my green and orange are matte.
I've also heard that curing temps may have something to do with it.

2013-06-09 06:15:06

Gradient Printing with Inkjet for Heat Transfers

I am having an issue with printing a graphic that has gradient fills using my Epson 1400 with Magic Flow CIS. It will print solids fine but a gradient will turn pink or have lines in it. I can not figure out if its something with the graphic if I have to print this through a RIP software. I have posted the graphic I am trying to print.
Attached Images
(47.7 KB)

2013-06-08 01:53:43

Twenty Four Seven Fitness Apparel is on Kickstarter!

Twenty Four Seven, a fitness and sport based apparel line is now on Kickstarter looking for pledges to help us continue to grow our brand and release a full line of apparel and accessories. Check it out, give us some feedback, good or bad, all is appreciated!
Twenty Four Seven Fitness Apparel by Tim Smith — Kickstarter

2013-06-07 06:10:37

[DIY DTG] a3 epson convert to dtg uv led??

I am interested on convert a epson 1400, or r2000 in a
flatbed with uv led ink , but i don´t know what led need, i see is possible a module with 24 leds 30w.. or similar
30x12 mm UV LED Curing Head
Wavelength: 380- 410 nm
EmittingArea: 30 x 12 mm
Radiation distance: 3 -10 mm
Input: 220V/50Hz
Electric Power: 40W
Optical Intensity: 2W/cm2
is these the specifications possible for epson 1400, or epson r200?
better ink for uv led print?
the rip are different?
Sure these thread are inetresting!!

2013-06-05 18:42:18

[Anajet] Bright solid foil prints

I continue to be amazed at how easy it is to print with foil using an Anajet printer. I love the new foils from IDS. digitalprintsupplies.com
I used an MP10, foil from IDS ( I love the new color ) and a
ready shirt.
Attached Images
(434.7 KB)

2013-06-05 17:36:53

Which Vinyl Cutter to buy?

Hello all,
I have started my tshirt business at a small budget late last year and it has been successful but after experiencing a few problems with injet transfers, i am now ready to move up to Vinyl transfers as they last for longer. I am in the middle of buying a VINYL CUTTER/ PLOTTER but i really dont know which one is best. Been looking on ebay and amazon but all im seeing is the following
5- 260 REDSAIL RS720C
Does anyone know any of this VINYL CUTTER / PLOTTER CUTTERS??
Can you recommend any?
Please help and many thanks in advance.

2013-06-05 15:52:34

[JPSS - Jet-Pro SofStretch] Green tint on my picture when printing

Ok so this is what i have:
Epson WF-3520 printer with durabite ultra pigment ink
Fotl T-shirts
Transfer paper
A heatpress machine set to 190c
when printing out a photo it looks perfect on the transfer paper, but when i press it onto a t-shirt it turns into a green tint picture, the image is a greyscale image. I however printed out a diffrent text only design in black and purple and it came out in perfect colour so im completely confused, is there anyone that can please help as im really short on time and im starting to get orders :/

2013-06-04 17:32:33

Neoflex shirt sample

Since Peter is arround here, and im too lazy to email for sampe request, i just post here
How are the procedure with getting Neoflex Shirt sample for me? Is it Free?
Im live in Indonesia, no one used neoflex here, only viper, freejet and anajet
so im interested to try the most famous
the neoflex
im currently having freejet 320tx, it prints beautifuly, but the maintence is so much troublesome, maybe because its have bottle system and very long lines...... sigh
so i interested about neoflex..... so mr neofather peter can u send me some sample plz :D
1 black shirt with my image (no edit plz)
1 black with your image (and can i also received the image for my machine to compare)
1 misty gray shirt (the most dificult colour shirt in my oppinion)
below is my freejet result on black shirt

2013-06-04 12:00:11

Heat Transfer and Plastisol transfers Bloopers Help!!!

I having issues with my Heat Transfers and plastisol transfers not pressing right. Also which is better Cold or Hot Transfers. I'm following directions on how to press my transfers but as soon as I peel the transfer paper up the image is coming up to and this is results I'm getting. On the inkjet transfer one lil edge is not sticking, and on plastisol transfers look at the Puerto rican image. My setup is a Epson WF7010, Okidata 3400n, Graphtec Cameo, and Rincon 15 x 15 Heat Press AP-V15
Attached Images
(1.96 MB)
(416.6 KB)

2013-06-04 10:25:45

Best ink line?

I use International Coatings for ALL of my plastisols and Mitsui for ALL of my water-based inks. When I read about contest winners, etc. they seem to use either Rutland or Westix inks. I am not happy with ICs white inks but the other colors, including their Pantone kit, seems to work well.
Do screen printers mix and match their inks? Like printing a design using a combination of Rutland AND Westix inks to get a better image?
Should I scrap my IC inks and go with Rutland, Westix, or someone else?

2013-06-04 06:11:48

[CorelDraw] - coreldraw to LXI

I am having trouble cutting curves in letters with my cutter. I design my graphic on Coreldraw Home & Student X6 and then export it to LXI Apprentic 10.5. So then i typed a few words in LXI and then cut/plot and it cut fine. So some how when it goes from Coreldraw to LXi something is happening and I cant figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

2013-06-04 03:58:34

trace in inkscape vs. illustrator

So my trial for adobe is about to run out!!! So I have been playing around with inkscape and gimp a little bit. I just noticed that for some reason the tracing feature in inkscape does a much better job tracing complex artwork. I'm not sure why this is, but believe me, I have played with many illustrator settings for their live trace. Inkscape by far blows them away with complex art. However, gimp leaves much to be desired and doesn't seem to be as easy or as well adept to do many of the things I would normally do in Photoshop. So basically I would like to put an inkscape vector image into Photoshop but I can't edit copy like I could with illustrator. So I essentially have to place an image into Photoshop that isn't a scalable vector, which would be fine if I had an invisible background, b

2013-06-04 03:06:00

[Photoshop] - ultraseps v2 upgrade update

ultraseps v2 upgrade/update started rolling out today. Received mine this evening, can't wait to give it a whirl. I personally own quickseps, quickseps pro, ultraseps, & now have ultraseps v2. We use alot of different approaches to achieve the prints we desire for each customer, & all of the above mentioned thus far have paid for them selves. Thanks Steve, we appreciate all the work that goes into your products.

2013-06-03 07:57:14

Need help with Laser transfer paper for dark shirts

I have a OKI C711WT printer and am using the Forever Laser-Dark (No-Cut) laser transfer paper. This is a 2 step paper with an A paper and B paper.
First step being to press the two papers together to get the opaque layer onto the toner on the A paper.
This is the step I have issues with. I do everything per instructions. (375 f, medium- high pressure, 60 seconds and peel after 5-10 seconds)
The issues that I have is that sometimes the yellow comes up in specks when I peel apart and there is always a small piece at the very end of the graphic that peels up.
Does anyone have any experience working with this paper or having these issues that can assist me? I can not stress enough how many different times and variations I have attempted with this and occasionally will get a usable trans

2013-05-31 20:17:06

Mimaki Reset a Switch?

I don't have the
mimaki printer but instead have the Mimaki 3042HG. I was hoping someone here could help anyway.
Just had a new one installed two weeks ago. Have basically been reading the manual and trying buttons it doesn't describe.
Pushed the rest switch. It is now locked up and the screen reads Reset a Switch. When I tried it before, turning the reset button to the right popped it up and the screen changed but now that doesn't work.
I turned the power off, left it off several minutes, turned it back on and still locked on that message.
tried the power button in back with same results.
tried cancelling all documents from raster 5 with no success.
closed raster5 and rebooted the program. nothing.
tried printing another job to see if that would clear it but nada.
If someone can'

2013-05-27 08:22:48

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