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Dana call Mirko for Gonzaga fight in Rio

It's a rematch with epic life-changing experience potential.
Mirko is doing his training camp at the moment and he is ready to fight, no matter he has K-1 fight soon he will do it.

2012-10-05 11:23:43

Still hating on Greg Jackson???

Just wondering what the haters think of Greg Jackson tonight??
I find Greg Jackson Hater Hilarious. Considering Greg Jackson could put on his own ppv with his stable of fighters.
what the hells wrong with you guys?
What do you guys expect at this level of mma. Seriously. Greg Jackson fighter did very well tonight.
Reason why i use the word hater is becuase after every major event somone make s Greg Jackson hate thread. Well tonight we have seen Greg Jackson how many times? How many fighters did he have on one card? I wouldnt be surprised if theres a greg Jackson fighter on almost every UFC card.
If Dana white hates Greg so much why are there so many Greg Jackson Fighters in the ufc?
how many fighters does greg Jackson have in the UFC btw? Anyone know?
i guess the next time a greg Jackson h

2012-09-23 11:12:55

Dana vs Nelson? Dana vs Nelson?

So this season has nothing exciting but the beef between Dana and Roy? All I hear from Dana is how much he dislikes Roy and how this season is going to be worth watching because he and Roy are gonna duke it out, with words. WTF?!!
This season of TUF is so pathetic that Dana needs to pump it up with a phony beef he has with Roy Nelson????
so this season has officially...

2012-09-16 00:35:48

Cro Cop vs. Randy Blake confirmed for k1gp

croatian sauce
http://www.fightsite.hr/vijesti-iz-r...a -k-1-u-tokiju
basically it says his manager just got a word from Mike Kim and this is confirmed

2012-09-14 12:15:13

ODD UFC Scenarios in the next 12 Months

All the Following Fighters could end up as undisputed champs but which 3 actually do you believe could happen.
Cain V - HW Champ
Vitor Belfort - LHW Champ
Tim Boestch/Bisping - MW Champ - Anderson Retires and Wiedman vs Boetsch is Number 1 Contender which then becomes Boestch vs. Bisping :eek:
Carlos Condit - WW Champ
Nate Diaz - LW Champ...........
Frankie Edgar - FW Champ
Renan Barao - BW Champ

2012-09-11 10:20:46

Korobov actually has a fight: Jonathan Gonzalez Korobov actually has a fight: Jonathan Gonzalez

Finally a younger guy who's more of a threat than anyone he has fought.
Close to a year out of the ring Matt Korobov, 17-0 w/ 10 KOs, will be meeting Johnny Gonzalez, 15-0 w/ 13 KOs, in the ring.
The same fat Gonzalez who drew with Dzinziruk last saturday.

2012-09-06 15:24:05

A Quick Negative Vs. Positive Rights Quiz

A brown eyed man walks along the edge of a deep pit, carefully watching his step. A blue eyed man suddenly leaps from a bush and pushes the brown eyed man into the pit.
At this point, is the blue eyed man morally responsible for any deprivation suffered by the brown eyed man for the duration of the time he is trapped in the pit? If not, explain.
A green eyed man walking the same path as previously walked by the brown eyed man comes upon the pit. The green eyed man is in a position to rescue the brown eyed man at no physical risk to himself. But the green eyed man chooses not to do so and instead continues on his way.
At this point, is the green eyed man morally responsible for any deprivation suffered by the brown eyed man for the duration of the time he is trapped in the pit? If not, expl

2012-09-03 19:16:49

Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawyer-A Knockout Retrospect

UFC 47 - April 2, 2004 - Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler
Lawler was the favorite going into the fight but it was young Diaz who was the aggressor. It was Robbie's power vs Diaz boxing. In the second round, Lawler missed a wild punch & Nick Diaz knocked him out with a right hook.
Question: Following this fight, who has had the better (t)KO's in their career? Nick Diaz or Robbie Lawler.

2012-09-01 20:12:29

Main event Yokkao Extreme 2013: Andy Souwer vs Dzhabar Askerov

Yokkao Boxing officially announces that Andy Souwer vs Dzhabar Askerov will be the main event at Yokkao Extreme 2013.
The fight will be in K-1 Rules 3x3.
Yokkao Extreme 2013 will take place at Forum D'Assago (Milan - Italy), one of the the most prestigious Arenas in Europe, on saturday 26th January 2013 and will be promoted by Stefania Picelli, CEO of Muay Thai Combat.
Tickets will be available soon at
Yokkao Extreme 2013 will be the biggest Muay Thai and K-1 rules event in the world...stay tuned!
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...t ype=1&theater

2012-08-31 13:17:21

Albert Kraus Facebook : The Big in Japan interview Albert Kraus Facebook : The Big in Japan interview

Albert Kraus fought 37 fights in Japan. He’s the first K-1 Max champion. He’s very popular in Japan, since his first fight in 2002 and have many fans in Japan. Time to ask, Albert some questions about the land of the rising sun.
Dirk S. - Albert, you fought 37 fights in Japan, what are you memories about Japan ?
After Holland, I spend the most of my time in Japan. Japan is my second home. In my career I’m very grateful to Japan.
D.S – You fought in so many times in Tokyo. What are you memories of Tokyo?
The most I fought in Tokyo. I like the hometown of Japan a lot. I’m used to fight there !
D.S – How popular are you in Japan ? How many fans do you have in Japan ?
The most of my fans are Japanese. They are the most loyal. I have some special fans in Japan, who follow me, everywhere in Japa

2012-08-26 12:30:23

Just have to say war vitor!

As a member of this site since 02, I rarely post but I have to throw it out there and say war vitor!!!! I believe we are going to see a huge upset. Vitor is wrecking ball when he is on. In vitor we believe!

2012-08-26 05:31:08

What Horror Movie Should I Watch?

I've already seen:
every Hellraiser movie,
all the NOES (nightmare on elm street) movies,
hate Friday the 13th movies,
seen all the Halloween movies,
seen the Exorcist movies and almost all other demonic possession movies, all the scream movies.
All the decent Werewolf movies, and tons more.
Hoping Sherdog has some suggestions?

2012-08-26 01:37:58

Why Aldo is staying at FW?

Dana keep him there? He want's more exciting fighters at lower weights?Kinda like not allowing Jones to move up?
Aldo is 167 fight time ,he had tough weight cut,I feel like he could destroy every LW.
Also if he get title at LW he should be instant 1# p4p fighter.
Aldo vs Nate Diaz
Aldo vs Pettis
Aldo vs Benson.
amazing fights to be made

2012-08-20 20:37:38

MLB 2k12 and NBA 2k12 for 28 bucks!

Hey guys, just got back from best buy and I was looking to buy MLB 2k12. I noticed on the shelf it retailed for 50 bucks but right next to it was a combo pack of MLB 2k12 and NBA 2k12 for only 28 bucks!
Apparently it was the deal of the day at best buy, not sure if this is a national thing or not but if you guys were interested in buying either game you should check it out, you save about 70 dollars. Just a heads up.

2012-07-27 22:43:11

what does hendricks offer kampmann that ellenberger didn't?

i just don't see what johnny hendricks can do to win that fight, i mean power and striking go to ellenberger imo. and hendricks fight with koscheck was not very dominant either. i see ellenberger as the better fighter than hendricks.

2012-07-23 03:44:55

Do any of you throw a hook using rear foot instead?

It's sort of like a mix between a jab and a hook. They use their rear foot to drive forward as if they're gonna jab. But instead of they're lead hand going straight, it turns into a hook. It seems pretty awkward to do, but I noticed some guys at my gym doing this. When I try to do it, I don't really get any power. I'm guessing it's to confuse your opponent and set up a right straight down the pipe? Do any of you guys use this type of hook, and do you know if there is a certain type of name for it? Does anyone know examples of this used in pro fights? I can't find it, but I think Eddie wineland's KO of jorgensen was a 1-3-2. When he did the hook, it looked like he didn't use his front foot to power the hook and rather he used his back foot.

2012-07-22 19:45:21

How would Anderson do against the Top 10 Guys at LHW ? My Thoughts...

Anderson Silva Vs Jon Jones =
Jones by UD
(I think age would be a huge factor)
Anderson Silva Vs Dan Henderson =
Anderson By UD
Anderson Silva Vs Rashad Evans =
Anderson By KO
Anderson Silva Vs Shogun Rua =
Anderson By UD
Anderson Silva Vs Lyoto Machida =
Anderson by UD
(Don't see Silva finishing him)
Anderson Silva Vs Ryan Bader =
Anderson By TKO
Anderson Silva VS Quinton Jackson =
Anderson By UD
Anderson Silva Vs Forrest Griffin =
Anderson By KO
Anderson Silva Vs Gegard Mousasi =
Anderson By UD
Anderson Silva Vs Rafael Cavalcante =
Anderson By late KO

2012-07-19 18:43:30

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