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Angels Do Exist

A down-to-Earth angelic tale from across the Pond.
Angels In America
(I’m stocking a shelf. I notice a customer with her five-year-old daughter. They both look like they’ve been through a hard time.)
Little Girl: “Mama, I’m hungry.”
(The mother looks near tears.)
Mother: “I know baby; I’m sorry. Mommy only has $5, so we have to find food that will stretch until next week when mommy gets paid.”
Little Girl: “Okay.”
(I see another customer with a baby in a cart walk up to the woman.)
Another Customer: “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear you. I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but I’d like to help you.”
(The other customer holds out a $20 bill. The mother starts to cry.)
Mother: “You don’t even know me, and you’re trying to help me. My husband walked out. I work a minimum wage job

2013-06-09 20:55:18

Vive la Bleu Blanc Rouge !

Some good HD footage of the Patrouille de France with a Rafale joining in the fun ...
Other footage available ...
Vive la différence ... Vive la France :ok:

2013-06-09 14:44:39

Battle of Britain 'At Home' days.

Just dug some of my old Air Pictorials out and the July '64 has a list of the 'At Home' days for that year.
Sat 19th Sep 1964
Acklington (Flying Training Command)
Benson (Transport Command)
Biggin Hill (Flying Training Command)
Colerne (Transport Command)
Coltishall (Fighter Command)
Finningley (Bomber Command)
Gaydon (Bomber Command)
St Athan (Technical Training Command)
St Mawgan (Coastal Command)
Ternhill (Flying Training Command)
Waddington (Bomber Command)
How times change.
Incidentally the USAF strength for July '64 (not counting ANG and other reserves) was 850,000 men and 15,000 aircraft.

2013-06-09 13:33:49

GPS: what does a satellite send out?

A GPS satellite sends out ephemeris and almanac data, on that subjects all sources I've read agree.
But it's about the health data, the ionospheric delays, and the offset of satellite clock from GMT that a lot of books disagree.
I asume health data is being transmitted by the satellite.
The ionospheric delay can only be corrected by differential GPS or by comparing the L1 and L2 signal. So it isn't send out by the satellite. How would a satellite even know what that delay is?
And the receiver receives the satellite's clock, and corrects its own internal clock to match that satellite's clock. Otherwise the correction to the receiver's internal clock would become bigger and bigger over time.
Am I right about those items?

2013-06-09 12:22:32

Cabin Crew Ryanair Certificate of Competence and TCP

Hello! Can you help me? I'd like to know if the Ryanair Certificate of Competence is valid as TCP (tripulante cabina pasajeros), the Cabin Crew flight certificate in Spain. Thank you!!

2013-06-09 12:09:20


Hey Guys,
Could someone please help me with this very urgent question:
I have just finished my TR on the A320 and the instructor gave me a filled out SRG 2199 form. On the form I noticed that the line "Instrument Rating Type Specific (please specify including variants) ..." was not filled in by him.
Was he supposed to fill in this form in order for me to get my IR revalidated or has this to do with a different aircraft rating?
Could someone please let me know as soon as possible, because I am going to the CAA on Monday to get my TR endorsed.
Thank you very much in advance!

2013-06-09 00:44:19

FAA- Hours Logging as a safety pilot

Had a quick question.
As per the FAA, if one is flying a single engine under the hood and another pilot is flying as safety pilot. Both can log PIC.
However, if one pilot is not very proficient and holds a FAA PPL and has a safety pilot on board to get proficient or for safety. Can the Safety pilot log hours as total time? I understand the safety pilot cannot log PIC time but can he log total time or not?
Please advise

2013-06-08 23:08:36

Air India suspends pilot, two air hostesses for 'overstaying'

incident in cockpit
An Air India pilot and two air hostesses were suspended after an airline probe found that the cabin crew overstayed in the cockpit on a Delhi-bound flight from Bangkok on April 12.
The action came amidst reports that while the pilot took a nap in the business class, the air hostesses were left to operate the aircraft over 20 minutes, endangering the safety of 166 passengers on board.
The pilot had reportedly put the plane on auto-pilot mode and allowed the cabin crew to be in the cockpit.
Airline regulator DGCA has initiated a probe to ascertain whether the pilot had left the cockpit as suggested by the reports.
Air India admitted that the air hostesses had overstayed in the cockpit but denied that the pilot had allowed them to operate the aircraft.
"Based on a rep

2013-06-08 19:18:41

why hydraulic system in A320

In A320, all flight control surfaces are moved by hydraulic pressure. They could equally be moved by electric motor only. what is the advantage of using hydraulic over electric?

2013-06-08 11:47:51

Incidente Wizz Air FCO

Leggo di un Wizz Air atterrato a FCO con un main gear non esteso e successiva evacuazione, qualcuno ne sa di piu'?

2013-06-08 09:52:04

Seems logical to me

BBC News - Woman washed suspected bomb in kitchen sink
Well what else would you do with it? Any self-respecting housewife, expecting a visit from the bomb squad, would want her bomb to look clean and well presented. Standards would definitely be slipping in the UK if she had done anything different.

2013-06-08 02:28:04

Ryanair, TCP e AFS

Ciao!.. domandina: sapete come convertire il certificato assistente di volo Ryanair con TCP (licenza di volo spagnola) o AFS (licenza di volo italiana) ? Grazie mille!

2013-06-07 23:32:15

Looking for Captain Alan Carter

I was a colleague of Alan's at CSE......many moons ago.
Is this the same Alan from those wonderous days at Oxford?
Just trying to track CP62 and CP63 down from those days at Kidlington.

2013-06-07 21:54:32

Idle reverse = No reverse QRH???

Hi guys and girls,
During a flight with a trainer we was discussing Brake cooling.
I suggested, being late at night, using idle reverse (first detent).
The trainer suggested that I look at the brake cooling schedule no reverse detent.
Reason behind it, Idle reverse is the same as idle, so therefore there is no reverse thrust.
I havent heard of this before, but I see the logic, as there are no numbers for idle reverse, using no reverse would be the worst case.
What do you guys think?

2013-06-07 16:57:06

Zest Air Philippines looking for Pilots with CPL and 200 hours

Zest Air is looking for pilots with CPL and min 200 hours of experience . Air Asia Philippines has put out this ad on their facebook page

2013-06-07 10:55:25

British D-Day Beaches Airbrushed by French Tourism Chiefs

D-Day heroes wiped off the map by the French: Veterans' fury after tourism chiefs ignore Sword Beach in promotional campaign
It was the scene of some of D-Day’s fiercest fighting, where almost 700 brave British troops were killed or wounded. Exactly 69 years ago today - June 6 1944 - courageous UK forces went ashore at Sword Beach into a ferocious barrage from German guns.
But on the anniversary of the Normandy landings, as thousands congregate on the coast to remember the selfless Allied sacrifice, veterans are furious their role in history is being airbrushed by money-grabbing French tourism chiefs........

2013-06-06 08:51:52

Cranfield 5 June 2013

BBC reporting a light aircraft down
BBC News - Two hurt in Cranfield Airport light aircraft crash
Two people have been injured in a light aircraft crash in a Bedfordshire airfield, the ambulance service said.
Emergency services, including two air ambulances, were called to Cranfield Airport just before 13:45 BST.
An East of England Ambulance spokesman said the two casualties received "serious injuries" and were being flown to Addenbrooke's Hospital.
Bedfordshire Police said the Civil Aviation Authority would be investigating.
Cranfield Airport has yet to comment.
The facility is used by flight training organisations, small business aircraft and private jets.

2013-06-05 16:45:48

Bill Gunston RIP

News coming through that Bill Gunston, Author and EX RAF passed away over the weekend..
RIP Sir, your writings will sadly be missed.... As a lad I grew up enthralled in your books, you Sir kindled my interest from a young age.
Bill Gunston

2013-06-04 02:03:34

Downing Street Affair?

I wonder who it is?
Downing Street rocked by revelations of secret affair - Telegraph

2013-06-02 14:05:55

Un figlio costa quanto 4 ATPL integrati

La mia ragazza mi ha detto che vorrebbe un figlio da me, sono andato a documentarmi ed ho trovato questo articolo:
Quanto costa un figlio? 300mila euro. Ogni anno 13.300 euro per 22 anni | Blitz quotidiano
300.000 Euro? :eek: ..con quei soldi ci faccio l'ATPL e mi compro pure l'aeroplano....:ok:
Mi sa che è ora di cambiare donna.....:O

2013-05-27 09:20:26

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