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New Plugin: Code Prettify (Syntax Highlighter) New Plugin: Code Prettify (Syntax Highlighter)

Most syntax highlighters use either shortcodes or make you add some obscure CSS classes to all
tags that you want to highlight. Even WordPress.com does that.
Introducing Code Prettify Syntax Highlighting Plugin
Code Prettify for WordPress
is a new plugin with just 31 line of code that enqueues the
Google Code Prettify
library (one minified javascript file) which then parses all
tags on the page, detects the correct language and lazy-loads the necessary syntax module, and applies the highlighting.
No shortcodes, no custom CSS classes — just magic.
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2013-05-23 13:30:08

Comment on WordPress Multisite Without a Domain Mapping Plugin by Matt

Thanks for the tip, I can confirm that it works. This is what I did:
1. Registered a few domains and changed DNS records to point them to my VPS
2. Added my primary domain to my VPS and the other ones as virtual hosts (you can also use a wildcard subdomain).
3. Install WordPress and enable Multisite with subdomains. (you *can* use the www-prefix if you want)
4. Create new sites and change the site URL as shown on the screenshot in the post.
I added a link to my signature for more detailed instructions.

2013-05-14 12:54:52

Comment on .po/.mo File Conversion Tool for WordPress Translators by Tobias

Genius! You helped me a lot here – great for non-WordPress projects too…

2013-04-12 16:11:56

New Plugin: Numeric Shortlinks New Plugin: Numeric Shortlinks

I have added support for alpha-numeric shortlinks. See the
plugin docs
for how to enable that.
Numeric Shortlinks
is a WordPress plugin that enables shortened URLs out of post IDs. It is a very simple plugin (only 28 lines) that hooks into the pre_get_shortlink filter and doesn’t have any configuration options.
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2013-04-06 09:15:28

Darkleech and Apache

According to recent blog posts published
by researchers from security firm Securi, Darkleech uses rogue Apache modules to inject malicious payloads into the webpages of the sites it infects and to maintain control of compromised systems. Disinfecting Web servers can prove extremely difficult since the malware takes control of the secure shell (SSH) mechanism that legitimate administrators use to make technical changes and update content to a site.
Exclusive: Ongoing malware attack targeting Apache hijacks 20,000 sites
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2013-04-04 09:41:28

Automatic Theme Fallbacks for Post Formats in WordPress 3.6 Automatic Theme Fallbacks for Post Formats in WordPress 3.6

Today I noticed that WordPress (3.6-alpha-23883) has started automatically adding content to my posts that use post format other than the standard “post” and have some of the new meta fields filled out. Then I found
this ticket #23347
which along with the attached patches explained everything — posts of the following post format: link, image, quote, video and audio will have
applied to
filter in
, which means that all themes that don’t explicitly define
add_theme_support( 'structured-post-formats', array( 'link', 'image', 'etc...' ) )
will have that meta information prepended or appended automatically to post content.
Simply remove
filter, like so:
remove_filter( 'the_content'

2013-04-03 09:00:56

Auto Auto Update

Automatic Updater
is an awesome plugin by
Gary Pendergast
that auto auto updates WordPress core, plugins or themes (you choose). It even auto updates itself. It would be
dream come true, if it shipped with WordPress core :)
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2013-03-29 19:46:56

Chrome OS and Android

[..] Chrome and Android operating systems will remain separate products but could have more overlap, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, a week after the two came under a single boss.
Googles Chrome, Android systems to stay separate | Reuters
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2013-03-21 19:05:49

Allow Plugins to Short-circuit wp_nav_menu Allow Plugins to Short-circuit wp_nav_menu

I just submitted my second
WordPress core patch that adds a short-circuit filter
at the top of
which enables plugins to retrieve rendered menu output from a transient or non-persistent cache instead of relying on relatively complex database query that returns one of the most static items of every website.
Why is this important?
To illustrate the complexity of menu retrieval, here is a list of all database queries that are run on
page load:
Retrieve term object
of the
taxonomy that corresponds to the specific menu name.
Retrieve menu item IDs
(not complete post objects, yet) that are in the particular term.
Query for menu item post objects with the specific IDs
and retrieve three
values per each menu item.
Retrieve post and term objects

2013-02-26 15:42:34

Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

Twenty Thirteen
will be
the new default theme for the next major version of WordPress. I love it.
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2013-02-19 13:30:59

Comment on Add rel Attribute to Image Links in WordPress Galleries by Kaspars

, there is no easy way of doing it via PHP, so my suggestion would be to use javascript instead — a script that loops through all galleries and appends the gallery index to rel attribute of each image within that gallery. Something like this should work:
jQuery('.gallery').each( function(g) {
$('a', this).attr('rel', function(i, val) { return val + '-' + g; });
Here is a
working example of this idea

2013-02-11 23:00:55

Comment on New Plugin: Mobile Redirect for WordPress by Kaspars

Thanks for the suggestion,
! I would like to keep this plugin as lean as possible — there are many ways of dealing with mobile users and Mobile Redirect provides one of the methods.

2013-01-31 09:30:26

Use PHP as a Proxy to Dropbox for Serving a Static Website

Ever wanted to use Dropbox for managing your static HTML site or blog? One option is to simply install the
Dropbox Linux client
and symlink the folder you want to the public folder server by Apache or Nginx on your server. Another option is to use a simple PHP script as a proxy to your Dropbox folder with additional Nginx caching. The idea is to have something similar to
Why PHP?
Dropbox requires OAuth for all API requests and you need a way to parse those responses from the Dropbox File API. With additional layer of Nginx or APC or Memcache caching we can reduce the amount of requests to the Dropbox API and make it much faster.
Sample PHP Script and Nginx Configuration for Caching
Here is the
file that will be doing all the “proxying” on your actual web server:

2012-12-04 16:04:21

Instagram Slideshow with AngularJS Instagram Slideshow with AngularJS

I first learned about
last friday so I spent the weekend exploring the amazing features and principles of Angular. For learning purposes I created
Metrogram creates a slideshow out of Instagram photos with a specific tag.
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2012-11-26 14:05:29

Widget Control Plugin Preview; Looking for Beta Testers

After playing with a few
for the upcoming update of the Widget Context plugin, I have decided to make the following changes:
Move the widget control settings to post edit and category edit screen with support for custom post types and custom taxonomies.
Make it a paid plugin in order to enable continuous development and upgrades.
Rename it to Widget Control.
Here is a preview of the new UI:
Widget Control Plugin UI
Widget Control on Category edit screen
Looking for Beta Testers
If you would like to beta test this plugin and report bugs as well as suggestions for user interface improvements, please leave a
comment below with one or more features that you would like to see in this plugin
. All beta testers will receive the plugin for free, once it has been released to public.

2012-08-11 20:42:53

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