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cdr2serial 0.1

cdr2serial sends Asterisk CDR to a serial port for the use of software for hotels. It uses the libraries asterisk-java for agi events and jssc for sending via a serial port.
Initial release
cdr2serial – Freecode

2013-05-15 02:11:06

did you see the diam

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2013-05-15 01:51:47

need help with space invader game

Ive been trying to get the window to pop up just the black canvas but iget this error
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:
Game cannot be resolved to a type
JFrame cannot be resolved to a type
Jframe cannot be resolved to a type
JPanel cannot be resolved to a type
JPanel cannot be resolved to a type
Dimension cannot be resolved to a type
The method setBounds(int, int, int, int) is undefined for the type game
Cannot use this in a static context
The method setIgnoreRepaint(boolean) is undefined for the type game
The method createBufferStrategy(int) is undefined for the type game
strategy cannot be resolved
The method getBufferStrategy() is undefined for the type game
gameRunning cannot be resolved
lastLoopTime cannot be resolved

2013-05-14 01:26:37

Why doesn't this work? - Stanford cs106a Assignment 2.2 (target)

This is my attempt at answer for the 2nd question of assignment 2 from stanfords cs106a course which is available online. The question is as follows:
Captura de pantalla 2013-05-12 a la(s) 21.01.37.png
I am aware that there are other ways to solve this problem (see here:
Stanford CS106A Assignment 2 Target Solution
) but I feel that my approach has the potential to be more "elegant" if I can get it to work.
At the moment when I run this code I get a window with only the big red circle. Can anyone tell me why it's not working as I hoped? I'm at a loss.
import acm.graphics.*;
import acm.program.*;
import java.awt.*;
public class Target extends GraphicsProgram {
// Sets length of radius to one inch (72 pixels)
private static final int INITIAL_RADIUS = 72;
public void run

2013-05-12 13:36:17

How Do You Rotate A 2D Image?

Hello, I have this slight predicament. I am stuck trying to rotate a 2D image clockwise and anti-clockwise, i have tried AffineTransform but that got me nowhere. I will thank anyone who can come up with a simple, yet effective way of rotating the image. The image that i would like to rotate is drawn using a *public void paint(Graphics g)*, bear in mind that i only want to rotate one image and not the background and foreground as well.
If possible I would like to be able to control the rotation of the image using the W and S buttons on the keyboard. (I have a action listener already set up).
Thank you for reading my post and i would love it if anyone could help!

2013-05-10 15:05:56

Cell edit in JTable

I am trying to make a cell in a JTable editable.
This table gets data from a MySQL table.
In the class that retrives data from the database I have added this method:
public boolean isCellEditable(int row, int col) {
if (col != 1) {
return false;
} else {
return true;
This makes the cell editable, but when I select another cell, the changes made in cell 1 is gone.
I would like to update the changes made into the database. What could be missing?
I have also made a actionlistener like this to get the new value in the cell, but when the changes disapeares when the focus on the cell is lost, no update gets to the database:
private void itemSaveActionPerformed(java.awt.event.A ctionEvent evt) {
int selectedRow = ledgerTable.getSelectedRow();
if (selectedRow != -1)
account = Integ

2013-05-10 12:48:56

SXSSF for Writing huge data on exisitng excel

I have been using apache poi for quit sometime . i have found that for writing large excel files apache asks the developer to use SXSSF .
I have tried out this but the problem is that using SXSSF it creates a new file entirly.
It allowing to read an existing xlsx and write data on that.
Since the data that needs to be appended in an existing sheet is huge because of which i am not able to use XSSF (because it takes a lot of memory).
Could anyone please help me out in this as what can be done here .

2013-05-08 14:15:19

helping on method..Turning a fishy

I am not sure how to do this method. Here is my attempt and it was was not working. Need help on structure of this method.
* Iterate through list of Fish. For each fish that isAlive, do the following:
* 1. If this fishIsSurroundedByRocks, DO NOTHING, and move on to the next fish.
* (This fish will not turn.)
* 2. If this fish's direction is not equal to one of the codes UP, DOWN, LEFT, or
* RIGHT, then throw an IllegalFishDirectionException, passing this fish's
* direction to the constructor.
* 3. Check whether or not this fish is about to hit a rock if it moves in it's
* current direction. If it is about to hit a rock, call the fish's
* setRandomDirection method. Repeat this step until the fish is no longer
* about to hit a rock. Do not make any EXTRA calls to set

2013-05-08 11:53:21

Turning a Fish CODE

I am lost on how to approach this method. My attempt is below.
isAlive is a boolean method that returns true if fish size > 0
fishIsSurroundedByRocks is a boolean method that returns true if the fish's position is surrounded by rocks
* Iterate through list of Fish. For each fish that isAlive, do the following:
* 1. If this fishIsSurroundedByRocks, DO NOTHING, and move on to the next fish.
* (This fish will not turn.)
* 2. If this fish's direction is not equal to one of the codes UP, DOWN, LEFT, or
* RIGHT, then throw an IllegalFishDirectionException, passing this fish's
* direction to the constructor.
* 3. Check whether or not this fish is about to hit a rock if it moves in it's
* current direction. If it is about to hit a rock, call the fish's
* setRandomDirection m

2013-05-07 15:07:48

NoSuchFieldError: theInstance] - please help

I created a web service which supposed to run on Apache tomcat. In that web service I call an application which uses jaxb.
I got h following failure:
CreateCorpusXML:createXMLdOC Exception while creating JAXBContext
- with linked exception:
[java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: theInstance]
When the apache starts I got the following info:
INFO: validateJarFile(/usr/share/tomcat5/webap ps/TextTechnionWS-1.0/WEB-INF/lib/javaee -api-6.0.jar) - jar not loaded. See Servlet Spec 2.3, section 9.7.2. Offending class: javax/servlet/Servlet.class
The web is full with reporting of this error but the reports are with relation to GlassFish which I didn't use.
I use Maven 2,Aachee Tomcat 5, Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_45-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20

2013-05-07 10:05:35

How to Center JOptionPane within JFrame?

Dear Experts,
I have a java GUI app. It is the usual textpad assignment.
JFrame, JTextArea, menus.
Off the Search menu, I have a option to Find a string.
Which opens a JOptionPane to get the input.
The JOptionPane keeps coming up within the center of the screen.
I'd like to center it within the JFrame.
Interestingly, setLocation does change its location at all.
I've been fighting and googling with this for hours,
and I'm into my second day now.
How can I center a JOptionPane within a JFrame?
Thanks a lot!
See code here:
private class FindHandler implements ActionListener
public void actionPerformed ( ActionEvent event )
jp = new JOptionPane();
jp.setLocation(20, 300);
stringToFind = jp.showInputDialog
("Enter the string to search for" );
// etc

2013-05-04 17:26:55

JasperReports 5.1.0

JasperReports is a Java reporting library. XML report templates are used to generate ready to print documents using data from customizable data sources, including JDBC. The output can be delivered to the screen, printer, or stored in PDF, HTML, XLS, RTF, CSV, and XML format.
This version comes with enhanced support for markers in the Google map component, a feature-complete layered HTML exporter, and other bugfixes and improvements.
JasperReports – Freecode
Attached Images
(58.5 KB)

2013-05-04 03:35:20

AI basics not working?

Okay so i am just baffled why this isnt 100% working...
if(fx < ipallyx)fx += delta * .05;
if(fx > ipallyx)fx -= delta * .05;
if(fy > ipallyy)fy -= delta * .05;
if(fy < ipallyy)fy += delta * .05;
if(fx2 < iknightx)fx2 += delta * .05;
if(fx2 > iknightx)fx2 -= delta * .05;
if(fy2 > iknighty)fy2 -= delta * .05;
if(fy2 < iknighty)fy2 += delta * .05;
on both of the occasions where it is fx -=, fy -=, fx2 -= and fy2 -= ; they work.
so easy to say the AI will go only negative x and y, but it wont go positive?
I tried putting a system.out.print in the += ones and what do you know it printed; so i know that if statement is working, but for some reason theyre not moving +x or y..
now another weird thing is that this is simply a copied movement i already made but with different variable

2013-04-30 20:08:02

Passing Jagged Array to JSONoBJECT and StringEntity

I am calling a .net webservice in java that would do a post to one of my client database. The method is expecting a sessoionId, and a jagged array. It also return a jagged array. I am having an issue passing the jagged array to the JSONStringer and StringEntity. Below is a simple of my code inside the doinbackground:
if(sessionId != "")
URL = "";
requestPost = new HttpPost(URL);
requestPost.setHeader("Accept", "application/json");
requestPost.setHeader("Content-type", "application/json");
List parameters = new ArrayList();
parameters.add(new String[] {"StudentID","SSN"});
parameters.add(new String[] {"StudentLastName", "LastName"});
parameters.add(new String[] {"StudentGrade","Grade"});
JSONStringer VistAConnect = new JSONStringer()

2013-04-30 14:44:52

Javonet 1.0 - JAVA to .NET bridge | Use any .NET library in JAVA

What is javOnet?
Javonet is new, cutting edge technology delivering very easy JAVA to .NET bridge with high flexibility and very short setup time. With Javonet you can use any .NET library in your JAVA application and build JAVA application with WPF or WinForms interface.
When to use Javonet?
Javonet is applicable in any heterogeneous environment when JAVA application needs to integrate with .NET library with high performance and lowest effort:
- connecting to existing .NET system without client-server or webservices infrastructure
- using .NET integration, encryption, business logic libraries
- using .NET framework in JAVA application
- building JAVA application with WPF or WinForms interface
- reusing .NET business logic for legacy system in new JAVA based layer
- accessing advanced .NET

2013-04-25 23:06:11

creating a jar file

Hi all,
I'm very new to java, tried to write my first program and it works.
I typed in notepad:
//A Very Simple Example
class ExampleProgram {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("I'm a Simple Program");
saved it as ExampleProgram.java
and then compiled it using
javac ExampleProgram.java
Now I can run it:
java ExampleProgram
and it displays text "I'm a Simple Program".
Now the question is - how do I run my program without typing "java [program name]" ? I mean, I'd like rather to run it using some kind of ExampleProgram.exe but without typing "java" before program name.
So I've changed directiory to
created manifest file
echo Main-Class: ExampleProgram >manifest.txt
created my jar file
jar cvfm ExampleProgram.jar manifest.txt Exampl

2013-04-25 17:00:02

How to convert XSSFColor to java.awt.Color?

I working with Excel support for a software which uses both xls and xlsx file formats. A small part of the code is shown below.
I am writing code which gets java.awt.Color from org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Color. I haven't find any general way to do that.
That's why HSSFColor and XSSFColor have separate blocks of code. At least my XSSFColor implementation is hack even if it is working.
Is there a general way to convert org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Color to java.awt.Color? If not, is there a better way to get java.awt.Color from XSSFColor?
private Color getColor(org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Col or col) {
Color color = null;
if (col instanceof HSSFColor) {
HSSFColor c = (HSSFColor) col;
short[] triplet = c.getTriplet();
color = new Color(triplet[0], triplet[1], triplet[2]);
} else if (col

2013-04-25 09:39:33

PPTX Error: org.apache.poi.POIXMLException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetExcepti

consider that i use Tomcat 4.1.18 and jvm 1.5, when i execute this line:
XMLSlideShow ppt = new XMLSlideShow()
i receive thsi error:
org.apache.poi.POIXMLException: org.apache.poi.POIXMLException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetExcept ion
at org.apache.poi.xslf.usermodel.XMLSlideSh ow.( XMLSlideShow.java:82)
at org.apache.poi.xslf.usermodel.XMLSlideSh ow.( XMLSlideShow.java:68)
at it.sword.dei.client.taglib.GeneratorePow erPoint.co ncatFilesPPTX(GeneratorePowerPoint.java: 65)
at it.oxero.dei.client.ext.action.ExecuteCo ncatReport Action.internalProcess(ExecuteConcatRepo rtAction.j ava:260)
at it.sword.dei.client.function.AbstractFun ctionManag er.executeAction(AbstractFunctionManager .java:62)
at it.oxero.dei.client.ext.function.Functio nManager.e xecuteFunction(FunctionManager.java:119)

2013-04-25 01:02:11

[Java]Simple Mistake

I'm having codes
package Zjazd3;
public class main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Appender ap = new Appender("Ala");
ap.append(" ma kota", 3).append( " i psa", 2);
ap.append(" ojej", 3);
package Zjazd3;
import java.lang.IllegalArgumentException;
public class Appender {
String napis;
public Appender(){
napis = "";
public Appender(String s){
napis = s;
Appender append(String app, int n){
String s1 = app;
for(int i=0; i
When I run the program I see an error
Help Please

2013-04-25 00:35:16

question about static methods...

I found this at stackoverflow which I'm thinking can be a great generalization to the purpose of static methods:
Java: when to use static methods - Stack Overflow
can someone comment on this? The talk about cars and "questions", if you will, that might be asked about cars, seems like a great example to me of when you should use static methods and when you shouldn't.
What else would one need to know regarding static methods? What I'm really looking for are things like danger points when you get into really complex programs. Obviously in a small program (say just a few classes), static methods probably don't mean anything so it wouldn't matter if methods were static or not. Does that sound right?
thanks guys!

2013-04-24 11:22:31

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