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~21" Monitor for Gaming PC

Hi, I'm new to the forums and I would like your opinion on different monitors I can buy. I live in Malta, a tiny island in Europe, so my choice is a bit limited since I don't think it's worth it to risk buying a monitor from abroad. Right now I'm looking at these models mainly: (these are Maltese websites so higher prices than usual are to be expected :()
http://www.scanmalta.com/eshop/21-5-...d -monitor.html
http://www.scanmalta.com/eshop/21-5-...d -monitor.html
http://www.simarksupplies.com/ShowPr...5 -up-to-22-LCD
Any help would be really appreciated. To be honest I don't want to spend too much since I'm buying a new PC from scratch so it will be quite expensive already. Thanks in advance :D

2013-06-12 15:05:29

FS: 14x Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 3.5" desktop drives

14x drives
Seagate ST500DM002
16mb cache
3.5" Desktop hard drive
Initially I want to try to sell all together in one lump. If no one bites, after a few days I will sell in groups of 4.
Price: $350 shipped
via USPS Priority with delivery confirmation and insurance.

2013-06-12 15:02:11

Companies In The Cloud Reap Security, Privacy and Reliability Benefits

A study released today
reveals that, in addition to time and cost savings, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. that use a cloud service gain significant security, privacy and reliability advantages compared with companies that have not adopted the cloud. The study, commissioned by Microsoft Corp., shows that perceptions of the cloud held by nonusers directly contrast with the real experiences of cloud adopters.

2013-06-12 14:56:09


OCZ Vertex 4 VTX4-25SAT3-256G 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...8 2E16820227792
Brand new, only opened... Never used because I think my main rig is overkill as it is.. got revodrive!
Price: $225 USD
Will consider trades for: AstroA40 w/ or w/o mixamp, waterblocks for 7970's reference models, badass pc speakers - surround if possible.

2013-06-12 14:02:23

EVGA GTX670 2GB SC mint condition

i got a EVGA GTX 670 2gb sc less than 5 months old, trying to upgrade to beefier cards for a more demanding set up.
310+shipping, or any ideas on what u would feel is a good idea, shoot me an offer.
cosmetically it is in MINT CONDITION
performance is SUPREME AND PERFECT

2013-06-12 11:40:45

Seeking tablet advice for my father...

My dad would like to get a tablet. Our budge is $100.00 - $500.00, with an emphasis on the $200.00 - $400.00 range. My dad is getting older, so he needs something easy to use, with good options for adjusting the size of things or zooming in. He would like something that has good performance. As an experienced computer user I'm adding that it should be a little future proofed. So here are the minimum specs we are considering:
1. Quad core processor
2. 1 gig RAM
3. 16 gig memory
4. Expandability
5. 1280x800
6. Good wireless strength
7. 9" screen
8. Newer builds of the OS, such as Android 4.0 rather than 3.0
9. Good build quality and good quality overall
My dad will mostly be using this to browse the web, check email, maybe look at newspapers, magazines or books. He may watch movies or videos

2013-06-12 11:08:36

FS: Gigabyte GTX 660Ti Windforce 2X OC Edition - $225

Hi guys!
Up for sale is a Gigabyte GTX 660Ti Windows 2X OC Edition (Model GV-N66TOC-2GD) originally purchased last December. Never manually OCed.
I still have the original box.
$225 shipped.
Heatware is xref.
I prefer amazon payments.
PM me if interested.
Thank you.

2013-06-12 11:00:46

Please help me find this keyboard!

Hello All,
Recently purchased a Cooler Master QuickFire TK Mechanical Keyboard (White Body with Brown Switches) as my first mechanical keyboard (since 1998) and I'm not totally satisfied with it.
Things I like:
Every key is backlit
Brown switches feel awesome
The coating on the keys is great
Multimedia keys are available
Sturdy Build
Things I don't like:
Not a full sized keyboard - things feel closer than normal
Not a full sized layout - Don't have independent keypad and arrow/special keys
Sits a little bit high
Doesn't have a wrist rest
Detachable USB cable
So I'm now looking for a mechanical keyboard that has as many good traits as possible and as few negative traits as possible. Basically my ideal mechanical keyboard would be:
Fully backlit keys
Controls for brightness PLUS on/off setti

2013-06-12 09:55:34

Help with case airflow + push/pull? Help with case airflow + push/pull?

As I'm waiting for my NZXT Phantom 630 case to arrive, I was wondering what's the best solution for optimal airflow through the case.
The case have 1 X 200mm fan in front, 1 X 200mm fan on the side, 1 X 140mm fan at the back and I will have 1 X NZXT Kraken X60 water cooler with a 280mm radiator at the top.
What I am thinking initially is blowing cold air as intake in the front, from the side, and maybe from the back (cold air under the fans of the radiator, that's pushing the air through the radiator and exhaust from the fans on top of that.
Kind of like this, only the back case fan blowing in instead of out:
In this situation I will push the air from within the case through the radiator, and exhaust it at the top of the case.
The problem with pushing air from within the case and through t

2013-06-12 00:32:21

Galaxy Z87 Hall of Fame Motherboard On Display

Galaxy's new Hall of Fame motherboard was on display at Computex last week and somehow we missed it...even though it was in the same display case as the white GTX 770 and 780 cards we posted pictures of (
). Thankfully the crew at LinusTechTips
got it on video

2013-06-12 00:26:10

mini-itx motherboard w/ ECC and 6 SATA?

Hello all. I'm trying to put together a ZFS-based NAS, and already have a Fractal Node 304 case. However, I'm having an impossible time trying to find a mini-itx motherboard that supports ECC ram and has 6 sata. I plan to put in 6 WD Red drives (2 or 3 TB...unsure yet), setup as RAID-Z2. (I just recently learned the hard way RAID is not a backup, losing the entire RAID when 2 disks failed on my old RAID 5 setup :( )
I don't think I care about Intel vs AMD, although it sounds like Intel is better for low-power. I did find
one site
that mentioned an upcoming Asrock mini-itx board with ECC and 6 SATA, but when I search for that model #, nothing turns up at all.
Thoughts? Thanks!

2013-06-12 00:21:27

Guys anyone getting Flickering in BF3 with GTX 780

Guys im running the most current drivers for my 3 GTX 780s and i noticed flickering, mostly the flickering is just the mountains or landscape in the very far distance. I thought i had a bad card so i tried all 3 individually as well as 2 way sli and 3 way sli and im getting the same results. Havnt had any problems in almost any other game, i cant duplicate it in Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Farcry 3. Just wondering is there any other drivers to try out with these?

2013-06-12 00:05:49

Fractal Design Define XL R2 $99.99 (Reg $129.99) @ Amazon

Figured 23% off was a good enough drop to post here as this seems to be a popular case for some folks.
http://www.amazon.com/Fractal-Design..._ gw_p_t_1_A4HT
List Price: $129.99
Price: $99.99 Eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime.
You Save: $30.00 (23%)

2013-06-11 23:49:53

Netflix To Launch User Profiles This Summer

According to
this article
, Netflix is planning on launching user profiles later this summer. What do you think? Are user profiles something you guys are even interested in?
Netflix will allow subscribers to set multiple user profiles on a single account starting later this summer, according to Netflix VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin. Now in testing but expected to launch by the end of August, the service will either five or six (that's still up in the air) different users store their taste preferences on one account, so that Netflix's data engine can serve up personalized recommendations for family members or roommates sharing a single Netflix subscription.

2013-06-11 23:46:41

FS: Memory, Monitor, Wifi Cards, Phone, Etc. FS: Memory, Monitor, Wifi Cards, Phone, Etc.

Spare parts and stuff I have laying around. All the prices are without shipping, I will ship products to you in whatever means you prefer at cost. All prices are negotiable and feel free to ask questions.
My heatware is
http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=7711 1
Dell 22 inch SP2208WFPt Monitor with power and VGA cable
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Verizon
Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L LGA 775 Motherboard
Kingston KHX8500D2K2/2G DDR2 1066 1GB DIMM x 2
$12 each
Hynix HMT325S6BFR8C DDR3 1333 2GB SO-DIMM
$8 each
Samsung M471B2873FHS DDR3 1333 1GB SO-DIMM
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHZ LGA 775
Realtek RTL8191SE Mini PCI-E Half Height 802.11b/g/n
Atheros AR5B95 Mini PCI-E Half Height 802.11b/g/n

2013-06-11 23:23:40

Intel Delivers New Enterprise SSDs

To meet the growing storage needs of the data center and cloud computing,
Intel today announced
the latest addition to its data center family of solid-state drives (SSD) at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York, the Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series. The DC S3500 Series is ideal for read-intensive applications such as Web hosting, cloud computing and data center virtualization. Data centers can save significant costs by replacing traditional hard disk drives (HDD) and moving toward an all-SSD storage model. Additional information about the Intel SSD DC S3500 Series is available here. Tune in Wednesday, June 12, 9 AM ET, for a livecast of Intel corporate VP Rob Crooke’s Cloud Computing Expo keynote address about the state of storage in cloud computing and data centers.

2013-06-11 23:15:12

Win7 Flicks option for Win8?

Finally got around to installing WIndows 8 on my HP 2740p tablet and trying to adjust to it. I'm not a fan of Metro.. but I live at the desktop most of the time so it doesn't really affect me too much. One thing that does really affect me is I just noticed Windows 8 doesn't have an equivalent to Windows 7 "Flicks". I'm used to going back/forward with a finger swipe, and so far I haven't found any way to enable that in Windows 8.
Overall, I'm becoming more used to it, but I may have to go back to Win7. For all the talk about Windows 8 working with more devices, it seems counter-intuitive to remove this feature on a device with a touchscreen. Not only that, but apparently Intel isn't providing any more updates for gen1 i5 processors (which the 2740p has), so the video drivers don't work righ

2013-06-11 21:51:15

Best Video Card for BF4 - Budget ~$300

Looking for a new graphic card thats around 300... that can run the upcoming battlefield 4 game (I know it doesnt come out till October but I need a new graphic card now anyways)
I was hoping you guys have some recommendations!
I am currently gaming on a 1920x1080 Resolution. I would love to have high settings enabled!

2013-06-11 21:44:26

Weird issue with Phantek TC14PE

Prepping for my upcoming Haswell build, I picked up a Phantek TC14PE that was on sale locally (I have not received the CPU and mobo as yet).
Wanting to test the cooler out, I thought I would throw it on my old i7 920 to see how well the cooler worked. To my dismay, the screws included with the cooler are physically too thick to fit through the motherboard back plate (Asus P6TSE).
The manual clearly states that the cooler supports LGA1366 platforms, and I have the screws in the correct position (1).
I attempted to contact Phantek customer support, but they have not responded to my emails, and nobody seems to answer their USA call in number.
While this is hopefully a non issue when I move to LGA1150, it is disappointing to see a highly regarded cooler come with such crummy technical support.

2013-06-11 21:44:04

Funny E3 2013 picture/gif thread starring Kaz Hirai [56K/Celeron Warning] Funny E3 2013 picture/gif thread starring Kaz Hirai [56K/Celeron Warning]

I thought this would be appropriate.
Kaz is god
Reggie is funny
old pics welcomed, as long as they're relevant
no bronies or long videos please

2013-06-11 21:19:25

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