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Hola Unblocker: Faster access to Geographically locked websites Hola Unblocker: Faster access to Geographically locked websites

Being open is the basic nature of web. But there’s a lot of restricted material too and that can be pretty annoying.
Web services getting locked to few specific countries – is nothing new. Think of Spotify, Netflix, Hulu etc. If you’re not living in the US, you’re left out. Easiest way to get around this is to use proxies. But proxies can be filled with ads. They can be ridiculously slow, or might be temporarily down.
Hola Unblocker unblocks these blocked sites, in a much faster way and is ad-free.
So what’s new about this unblocker? Hola doesn’t use proxies. It works in a much different fashion.
It uses peer-to-peer connection, like say BitTorrent, to cache websites. So when you request a webpage, your request is routed through other Hola users’ computers.
To put it in a simple way, if yo

2013-06-09 17:00:55

How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Your Android in Minutes How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Your Android in Minutes

The Android ecosystem is coded beautifully and provides a huge collection of apps that one can use. But the most amazing thing with the Android world is that, one can easily root one’s Android device and get much more interesting stuff. The Android owners can easily ditch the stock ROM and move on to
popular custom ROMs like CyanogenMod
. But installing custom ROMs need root access to that Android device.
Rooting a particular Android device can be really easy, provided you have the necessary guide. You can easily root your Android device by doing a simple search on Larry Page’s most favorite search engine. Just type
root guide for
and you’ll results.
Once you root your Android device, you’ll need a custom recovery tool like ClockworkMod Recovery to flash the custom ROM. Custom recovery to

2013-06-03 19:43:02

Notifycon: Shows Notification Count in Pinned Tabs with Chrome Notifycon: Shows Notification Count in Pinned Tabs with Chrome

Automatic notifiers are always welcome. Though you can pin tabs in Chrome, they don’t show the updates. We just use them for easy access to the sites. But what if they offer the notifications as well? Wouldn’t that make things better? For just that reason, here is “Notifycon extension”. It is a easy and simple extension in chrome that displays the notification counts in the pinned tabs of your Chrome.
How it works:
Install the
Notifycon Chrome Extension
from the Chrome Web Store.
After installation, You will be able to see a new icon on your browser’s toolbar.
When you click on that, you will see a small pop-up stating that pin-up is necessary for the extension to work.
Click on the “pin now” button.
Once the site is pinned, you can see it in the left corner of the toolbar with the notif

2013-06-03 05:18:21

‘Google Now’ is available on iPhone and iPad ‘Google Now’ is available on iPhone and iPad

Until today, Google Now was only available one Android but today it goes live on iOS. If you are using Google Search app on your iPhone or iPad, you only have to update the app. The Google Now feature will be updated onto your Google Search app.
Google Now basically taps into your data from various services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, Google Places, your search history and more. This information is then used to serve you with useful reminders and prompts.You might need change your privacy settings to allow your iPhone or iPad to let the Google app access your location data.
This is indicative that Google Now might soon be coming to our desktops thanks to it being
integrated with Chrome or even Google’s homepage
. We might see more such updates from Google in the
run-up to its annual

2013-04-29 20:32:15

Enable Google+ Comments on Blogger.com Enable Google+ Comments on Blogger.com

Blogger users can now enable Google+ comments on their blogs. This will allow anyone with a Google+ account to simply leave a comment on a blog post. This has a double advantage, as the post can also be shared automatically on your Google+ timeline. So there is a social element to it, which means if someone comments on your post, their followers on Google+ might discover the post.
How it works:
Visit your Blogger Dashboard and look under Google+ section. This will show the admin a new option to enable Google+ comments.
Once your blog allows Google+ comments, anyone signed into Google+ can comment and share the post using their account.
The privacy options also remain, which means you can comment and limit the audience your comment is visible to.
Why Google+ comments are important?

2013-04-18 19:58:29

Google cleans up Android by removing 60,000 Apps and redesigns Play Store Google cleans up Android by removing 60,000 Apps and redesigns Play Store

Google has
a new card based design for Google Play. The new design for Google Play Store, shows larger images for highlighting apps, continuously shows new recommendations and more has also made purchasing and paying for apps and content easier.
With 700,000 apps on Play Store, it becomes a little difficult for users to navigate and find the best apps for their Android phones. Also there are many apps which are malicious and also untrustworthy on Android. This is one place where Apple’s app store is better as the apps that are listed go through a rigorous process of approval.
But lately Google seems to be getting its act together.
Google deletes 60,000 apps from Play Store
According to
, Google has done a bit of clean up of Android apps by deleting over 60,000 apps f

2013-04-09 20:18:31

Comment on Buy apps on Google Play with EntroPay’s Virtual Credit Card by Puia

Can i use unverified entropay VCC in google wallet?Please help

2013-04-09 18:03:10

Disallow Flipboard to Load Images Automatically While on a Data Plan [Android] Disallow Flipboard to Load Images Automatically While on a Data Plan [Android]

If you are using Flipboard, they you must be aware of its great magazine like format for mobile platforms. It basically allows users to quickly skim through hundreds of updates on Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds withing minutes. It is one of my favorite apps on my iPad Mini while I am on a Wifi network but I use it often on my Android phone too. But Flipboard can really burn through your data plan if you are using 3G to browse. The feeds load up with images and those really consume a lot of data.
This is where you can make a change to the settings of Flipboard and stop images from loading automatically.
How it works:
Look up Settings on Flipboard app on your Android device.
In Settings there is an option that read “Reduce Data Usage”. Tap on it and you will get three more options.
From her

2013-03-24 04:29:23

Google Chrome’s New Tab page gets revamped Google Chrome’s New Tab page gets revamped

Chrome was one of the first browsers to have address bar and search bar as a single feature, which they call it Omnibox. It makes Chrome look much better in design with less
There’s a weird problem, though. Most of the people still visit Google.com and type in the search box. That’s why Google has revamped Chrome’s new tab page, placing a search box in the center.
As you can see from the screenshot above, the Google logo and search box grabs more attention than the Most Visited websites’ thumbnails.
There are just 4 websites listed under Most Visited list and you can’t rearrange them either.
As you focus the search bar and start typing, Google will show suggestions and will load the results page in almost a blink of eye. It’s powered by Google Instant (which you can turn on/off in

2013-03-21 15:50:43

Google Enables Search Filter for Animated GIF Images Google Enables Search Filter for Animated GIF Images

Remember all those weird animated images (usually .gif format) which are often funny and got a new lease of life on Google+ for a while? It seems Google wants users to be able to search more easily for animated images. A new update that is rolling out on Google search, allows a new option in image search. Just under Images on Google Search, and look up under Type and a new filter called “Animated” is made available.
The animated images shown are mainly GIF format images. Earlier if you had to search for animated images, users had to use a search operator
(Read about
most commonly used search operators on Google
Though I assume there would be significantly more people using the new search filter than there were who used a search query like
“filetype:GIF India”.
The new search fil

2013-03-20 02:59:45

5 Best Alternatives for Google Reader 5 Best Alternatives for Google Reader

Yesterday, Google decided to
pull the plug on Google Reader
. Actually, Google Reader users still have over 3 months to find themselves alternatives. But finding an alternative for Google Reader is not as easy. Most of the feed managers are actually using Google Reader to sync. That is why FeedDemon too announced it was ending the project as it used Google Reader to sync the RSS feeds people were reading.
So what are the real alternatives for Google Reader? Here are 5 that I tested and found useful.
Feedly is a something I have personally settled on using at the moment. Feedly allows users to sync their Google Reader feeds but is not reliant on Google Reader’s API like other services. It has built a backup API which is what it will switch too when Google Reader shuts down. Feedly wo

2013-03-16 01:46:55

Google’s Nexus 4 launch seems imminent in India Google’s Nexus 4 launch seems imminent in India

Google’s Nexus 4 mobile phone device was launched almost 4 months ago in the US but as yet there is no real news for a India launch. But that might change very soon and Nexus 4 availability
seem imminent in India
landing page for Nexus 4 on Google
, shows India added in the list of countries it should be available.
Why the launch is imminent?
Nexus 4′s launch in India was being held up probably to wait for the announcement of LG’s Optimus G. As LG also manufactures Nexus 4, it probably did not want Nexus 4 to overshadow the Optimus G.
Pricing issues are also a bit of a stumbling block. LG’s Optimus G goes for around Rs. 31,000. Nexus 4 goes for $299 for the 8 GB mobel. That is approximately Rs. 16,000. If Nexus 4 is released in India, expect it to be priced around the Opti

2013-03-11 23:56:20

Facebook to Unveil a New Design for News Feed on March 7 Facebook to Unveil a New Design for News Feed on March 7

Facebook has sent out invites to the Press for an event on March 7, 2013. The invite has a simple message, which is announcing a new look for the ‘news feed’.
One place where people spend most of their time on Facebook is looking through their news feeds. The design of the current News Feed is based on how it best looks on a desktop/laptop browser. But with Facebook being increasingly consumed on mobile and tablet screens, a new design was more or less expected.
Compared to say Google+ or even Flipboard (
which is an app not a social network
), the main news feed design of Facebook is boring, especially on mobile platforms.
News Feed design of Google+
Google+ image friendly design for news feeds
News Feed design of Facebook
Facebook ‘News Feed’ is better suited for PC browsers
‘News Feed’

2013-03-01 20:04:33

Use FileExpert to move apps to external SD card for Android ICS Use FileExpert to move apps to external SD card for Android ICS

FileExpert is a file manager and transfer app. Though there are many apps with better feature than FileExpert hidden within it is a very useful utility which lets you move apps to external SD card; a task which is not possible in stock Android 4.0.
I have been using Zync Cloud Z5 phablet which comes pre-loaded with vanilla Android ICS 4.0. Due to some reasons I had to format the phone recently and wanted to move all my apps to external SD card.
The functionality provided within is
Settings > Apps Manager
lets you move the apps to SD Card. But it actually moves the apps to Internal Storage of the phone which Android recognizes as SD card as well.
I tried
to move the apps but faced the same problem, it was moving the apps to internal phone storage rather that external SD card.

2013-03-01 07:30:19

Google adds Books to Play Store’s catalogue in India Google adds Books to Play Store’s catalogue in India

It’s been a long time since Google has moved from Android Market to Google Play, aiming to create a store for all kinds of content, including Apps, Music, Books and Magazines. But in many countries, Play store is restricted to Apps, nothing more than that.
Until today, India was one of those. Thankfully, Google has added new kind of content to its store – releasing Play Books in India.
If you open Google Play in your browser or the app on your Android, you should be seeing a Books section inline with Apps. You’ll be prompted to
download Play Books app for Android
, which is what you need if you want to read any books you’ve bought.
The collection seems to be pretty huge, especially for a first time release. There are a good number of books you can get for free, too – check out the ‘Top Fre

2013-02-28 15:45:35

Google+ Sign-In: Registration and Authentication tool for 3rd party apps Google+ Sign-In: Registration and Authentication tool for 3rd party apps

Google has announced a new feature for app and website developers. It is called Google+ sign-in, which allows users to sign-up/register with apps and websites. This is possibly the first big step towards seeing a lot more of Google+ outside the Google ecosystem. In other words, it will compete with Facebook Connect.
What exactly is Google+ Sign-in about
Google authentication is already a feature that is used by many websites. But a lot of them prefer using Facebook, mainly because it helps the app get social.
With Google+ Sign-in, the app user can share stuff based on their Google+ Circles. This can be done through interactive labels like Check-in, Subscribe, Download and many more.
Google+ also suggests that they are against social spamming. Basically that is taking a swipe at Facebook. F

2013-02-28 02:50:03

Chromebook Pixel: Google’s answer to Macbook Pro Chromebook Pixel: Google’s answer to Macbook Pro

Google’s Chromebook experiment has always been mildly interesting. Chromebooks were lower low priced laptops running on Chrome OS. The Chromebook have everything stored on the cloud and even all the apps on it are online. That is about to change with the newly
Chromebook Pixel.
Chromebook Pixel Features
The Chromebook Pixel boasts of screen with the higest pixel density around. Its packed with 4.3 million pixels. No prizes for guessing that this one is Google’s own version of retina display screen.
The Pixel will feature a Intel Core i5 processor. That is a remarkably powerful processor for a device that basically will run web apps.
Chromebook Pixels will come in two prices – $1299 for the WIFI only laptop. The $1499 is the LTE version.
The internal memory of Chromebook Pixel wi

2013-02-22 11:45:43

What does someone wearing Google Glass see? [Video] What does someone wearing Google Glass see? [Video]

Google has announced that it will start opening up Google Glass to public in a limited manner. People can start applying for Google Glass by declaring what they would do with Google Glass on Google+ or Twitter. It has to be the hashtag #ifihadglass.
The initial price tag for participants is $1500 US. But how will Google Glass work? Will the display screen on the side actually be a distraction or will it be something that adds to the experience.
Now with this video it shows more or less what someone wearing Google Glass will see.
I am excited about Google Glass. It is truly something that makes technology extremely personal. With products like Gmail, Google Maps, Android, Google+, Google Drive and Search, Google is uniquely positioned to deliver a product like Google Glass and make it

2013-02-21 18:37:19

Take Screen Captures on Windows 8 With Free Software Take Screen Captures on Windows 8 With Free Software

Since Windows 8 supports touch-screen inputs, a screen capture software that works on say Windows 7 might not be suitable. I personally use
Skitch for Windows
, as it is free. Today, I tried out Windows Screen Capture Tool, which is a portable software that works on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Windows Screen Capture Tool Features
Install the software from this
download link
(.zip file). It is portable and needs
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
on your computer.
The Screen Capture tool is metro styled and allow a range of options from full-screen capture, area capture, adding a watermark and Window Capture
There is support for keyboard short-cuts but with touch-screens for Windows 8, they might not be used as much.
The software allows insertion of text based watermarks on images.
The really nice

2013-02-16 14:00:51

Comment on CyanogenMod 10.1: Better than Vanilla Android? by King

with time CyanogenMod is always surprising with the type of additional features it adds to its Android flavor… after purest form of Android (nexus) CyanogenMod is the mod which i like most…

2013-02-16 11:53:57

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