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Cold fire dragon

Cold as ice..
Finally, ready^^
Pencils, pen on a brown craft paper.
Art © me

2013-06-12 14:29:41

EPILOGUE - Mass Effect 3 Ending

...A loyal crew awaits for the Commander...
Initially I made Liara looking tormented and despair, but I figured it would be more tragic to make her looking optimistic for the return of Shepard. Utterly excited that she can't wait to see Shepard.
Remember stories of pets eagerly awaits for their owner despite the owners had perished? Be it a pet dog in the recent Japan tsunami where he waits at the same spot for days for the return of the owner, or other stories like they await next to their owner's grave hoping to play fetch again, etc. etc.
What makes it more depressing when Liara does this? She is a logical and intellectual individual who follows reasoning, facts and truth - rendered her beyond of logical thoughts to the point she awaits for Shepard and throw all possibilities that Shepa

2013-06-12 13:01:39


Doodled on a hat and some stars on a picture I took of my budgie Suppe. xD Felt like I had to upload it haha.

2013-06-12 12:48:28

The Post War Dream

"I’m here again
Inside you
It’s so good staying here
But I stay a short while
I float around in underwater hibernation
In a hotel connected to the electricity board and nourishing
But the wait makes me uneasy – I kick the fragility away
And shout – I have to go - Help
I explode out and the peace is gone
Bathed in new light
I cry and I cry - disconnected
A ruined brain put on breasts
And fed by sleep walkers "
-Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar
listen this, while you staring at the picture please.
© Murat Turan 2013. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my permission

2013-06-12 12:44:02

Alice in Wonderland: The White Queen Alice in Wonderland: The White Queen

More from Alice in Wonderland series:

2013-06-12 12:38:50

Feather Cuff I

This item you may purchase at my Etsy store.
Rest of designs you can find at my website: pinkabsinthe.eu
Also follow me on FB:
Stay tuned for new promo/sales actions

2013-06-12 12:13:52

Watering can and dangly pot - fake ear plug

wire+clay (details like eyes,letters and mouth are made with clay , no painting)
follow me on fb to keep updated ^w^ :

2013-06-12 11:53:45

For sale original - Eiffel Tower - Paris

20€ / 26.2$
Watercolor on paper A4 300 g/m2.
I sell old originals drawings to make room for new creations.
All drawings are on sale for 20€/26,2$.
Please note me if interested.
All originals drawings in sale :
My facebook Page for more works :
Don't hesitate to leave a "like"

2013-06-12 11:45:32

Skin Colour Palette

Some people mentioned they'd like to make more racially diverse characters but they don't know how to colour dark skin without it looking weird so I made this. And er, I threw in some other colours for the hell of it. Just load it up into your program and use the eye dropper tool to select and paint. No credit needed of course, no one owns the rainbow. Though if you want to throw a link back it's always appreciated so more people can find and use it.
I just added it up and there's 195 of them. ...195. ಠ_ಠ

2013-06-12 11:21:37

Labyrinth Of Ruin

Derzra the Vile and the Goblin Witcher from FFG´s "Labyrinth of Ruin" expansion for their dungeon delving board game, "Descent".
© Fantasy Flight Games

2013-06-12 11:13:40

PPC : Vaniraa

Commission Pixel art for miss *
Thank you so much for commish
and hope u like it~~^-^//

2013-06-12 11:04:46

Commission Ex and Kirie

A cell colored commission fro
of his sexy OC's Ex and Kirie, hope you folks like it
Ex & Kirie belongs to

2013-06-12 10:58:16

Icon Giveaway Batch 1

my first batch of icons uhuhu
(for the owners, i'll note the link to your icons later!)

2013-06-12 10:47:35

violet red pattern

Created with JWildfire
I very appreciate it
I have lost the params but it is a zoom from a tweak of my works

2013-06-12 10:46:20

Honorifics won't save you, Princess.

Hatchep and Nedj were investigating a mysterious faction of worshipers of Anubis... but they were caught!
Now their abductor are going to make them confess all the girls know! And being the daughter of Pharaoh and a living divinity won't exempt Hatchep to be tickle tortured for hours!
And here is more Egyptian perils! Don't forget that my little contest about these two just begun :

2013-06-12 10:33:19

While sailing through my 3d imagination

In the search of inspiration I suddenly felt like just drawing a cool classic ship. So I did!
- Ink and pencil on 3 sheet of 220 gram paper -

2013-06-12 10:21:34

2pItaly x reader - Risky Game

This was made for a writing challenge.
This is for you my shiznit:
Writing Challenge List-
Hatsune Miku/VOCALOID-
Doesn't Hetaloid 2p Italy sound so smexy?
I love his version!

2013-06-12 10:01:43


I'm so madly in love with Hanatan's amazing cover!!! PV by Akiakane which is also godly waahhh//// The song's at 200 plays on my iTunes now~ <:3c
Large (and small) print for AX, Otakon and Fan Expo! O/ With a print this bright, people can find me easier-
Will also be available on
my Storenvy
in a few days~!
Characters © HoneyWorks / Akiakane (?)
Illustration © Aka-Shiro
Please do not repost my drawings without credit, and please never trace, distribute, modify, or use without permission. Thank you very much!

2013-06-12 09:55:59

Fox Kit n Sorrel and thanks for all the BDWISHES! Fox Kit n Sorrel and thanks for all the BDWISHES!

You must know by now I adore fox kits and finding them surely made one of my most beautiful birthday presents!
Thanks for all the kind words and wishes!

2013-06-12 09:42:48

Helioptile plush Helioptile plush

A WILD POKEMON PLUSH APPEARED!! aha! Haven't made one of these in a while :9 surprise!
yay for new pokemon!! Who else is excited for gen 6?! I love this little frilled dragon! It is so cute, right?! I love it mainly because it looks like Calumon (from digimon) ...XD
Made of minky
posable arms & ears (frills..?)
Ears can close! See angle pictures below...
approximately 30cm tall
OOAK! This thing took me so long ;A; Friends from LJ will know how much I struggled with this thing, even though it really isn't that complicated. I have just been really out of it.. I wonder if it is because I haven't made any non-humans in a long time? Blegh.
This will be for sale!
As of this moment, I am not sure how much I will be listing it at, but it will be an auction with a BIN. If you are intere

2013-06-12 09:38:19

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