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LalajiOnline.com is fraudulent website!!!

LalajiOnline.com is one of the numerous websites that have sprung up to cheat the general public. It is clearly a fake and fraudulent website. Their facebook page is full of complaints but nil action or resolution.
My complaint is with reference to Order # 100003314 for 2 Micromax A110 Mobile Phones and Order #100006733 for 1 Micromax A110 mobile phone. More than a month has passed with nil results.
For order # 100003314, I received only 1 Micromax A110 mobile phones against 2 that I had ordered and for Order #100006733, I did not receive the 1 Micromax A110 mobile phone that was ordered.
I followed up numerous times but they are not refunding the amount nor sending the phones and also they are not responding to emails and facebook posts. Their contact centre numbers are also defunct a

2013-03-25 14:08:51

Fake sms from BX-CBSSBH

I have received following SMS on my mobile +91-9833393978 on 21/03/2013 from BX-CBSSBI.
Following is full text of SMS
"Your AC XXXXX736939 Debited INR 300.00 on 20/03/13 - AC keeping fees. Avl bal in your AC INR 9,809.00
I don't have any account in SBH at any branch than also I am receiving this type of SMS.

2013-03-25 07:58:20

Ebay allowing fake watch sellers and taking no action against them.

A seller sai_store2009 is selling fake watches and duping people of their hard earned money, The thing is many people cannot tell a fake watch from real one. I bought a armani ar1400 watch from him and received in a fake box , without guarantee card or serial number. I left a negative feedback for the same and then he called me up sir please remove the feedback or my business of selling fake watches will be affected, i did not but ebay did remove my negative feedback which would have prevented other users for falling into the trap. I want to know what is ebay doing after i complained about this numerous times, did they call up the seller ? did they block him? no and he is still being allowed to sell the fake watches ?
I believe there inaction is deliberate, I am never going to use their si

2013-03-21 08:04:03

Airtel 3G: Bill Generation even after disconnection

I have been tormented by Airtel since Dec 2012 last.
I had a 3G data connection SIM number 9741157900. I raised a disconnection request on 5 Oct 2012, ticket# 46301806. I was asked to pay my outstanding bills and I paid them 8 Oct 2012 for the final bill (Invoice# 880487683).
After that I never used the connection (even confirmed by calling 121). But in Nov 2012 they raised a bill invoice# 905661268 dated 07 November 2012. Now I started calling 121 and told them about the problem that they are raising bills even after disconnection. I would have spoken to atleast 5 different people. Then they told me that they understood the concerns and that they will revert the bills. So they reverted the bill invoice# 905661268 for Rs 898.
And then again, they generated bill for Dec 2012. So I start

2013-03-20 18:15:55

Apple - MacBook - MagSafe Power Adapter A1330.

Issue of Apple MacBook 'MagSafe Power Adapter'.
Power Adapter Problem: Withering away of the Cable Coating and excessive heating-up when the voltage is from 150-180v.
I own an Apple MacBook White. Recently I had an issue with the Power Adapter of my MacBook. The operating voltage of the Apple MagSafe Power Adapter is 110 v to 240 volts, but at my place the normal voltage is around 160 - 170v mostly and the charger gets excessively heated up. I understand that warming up of the charger is normal but the charger behaves like a Live Heater at that time and in this regard when I contacted Apple Customer Care regarding this issue few weeks back, they denied me the service which is due to me as the Power Adapter is under Warranty Cover from Apple, citing the issue of the withering off of some ca

2013-03-20 15:29:13

Aircel Cheating Customers

Hello all, I have been an aircel sim card user for 2 years. After two years of aircel I have almost started hating cellular technology thanks to their pathetic services. Recently 2 days back I did a recharge of Rs 61 for an sms pack that aircel was offering. I got a confirmation message from Aircel saying
TXN No. MHR13031908371200316 to Recharge MRP61 successful.
TT=0 INR, New Balance 0 INR, P.F 54.29, Service.Tax 6.71 INR.
I lost my money and didn't get anything useful whatsoever. I did the recharge based on information given on their website. A snapshot of the same made on 18th March 2013 have been posted below.
I want to file a complaint against aircel for posting false information on public portals misleading their customers & also for inadequate services and failure to deliver to pro

2013-03-19 04:38:40

Fraudulent termination of life insurance by hdfc slic Fraudulent termination of life insurance by hdfc slic

I am a policy holder of HDFC SLIC policy no 13418741, called HDFC young star supreme subidha where I have paid first premium in 2010 and for next two year paid 20,000/- premium as per staff cum agent of HDFC BANK HOWRAH BR explained me at the time of selling the above said policy and reminders made by HDFC SLIC from time to time.
I duly submitted my yearly premium for 2013 by cheque no. 091765, dt 04/02/2013 drawn on Post Office Savings Bank, Howrah HPO, acknowledged by HDFC SLIC vide their Receipt No.D0102652, dt.8/2/2013.
All of sudden I received a letter dated 26/02/2013 in which HDFC SLIC informed me that my cheque no 091765, dt 04/02/2013 has been dishonored by my bankers due to insufficient fund.
With this letter they have attached a Return memo of SBI, although this cheque was of Po

2013-03-16 17:22:58

Bsnl broadband complaint

Dear Sir
I ve been using bsnl broadband services(Tel No.01792233587)my tarr for the last 5 years until now It was a very good experience.The services were quite ok .15 days back i upgraded my tariff plan to ULD 950 combo for which B
SNL claimed to provide 4MBPS speed
but I regret to say that the speed after changing my plan has been reduced to only 750 KBPS. This is quite surprising that in my previous plan i.e. 750 home I was getting a good speed upto 1.4MBPS but after spending Rs 200 more my BB speed has been decreased. Regarding this I also complained to local office PARWANOO H.P. distt solan under
complaint no. 1012601802at
but I am sorry to say BSNL staff failed to resolve it.Infact I received a sms that your comlaint has been resolved which is totally rubbish.You are requested to lo

2013-03-16 16:57:48

Icici dirty game for open saving account

Hello i am chitan h thakkar from Rajkot,Gujarat,India
Before 10 to 15 days two sales officers (Mr Dhaval Varsi:9979155545 & Kashyap Acharya :
8980019833 Branch : Gondal Road,rajkot) of ICICI bank came to my office and offer me to open saving account to ICICI
bank without any fees.I interested for that and i gave my documents of driving laicence
copy and two passport size foto.They told me my account will be open within a 4 to 5
business days and i will receive check books and ATM cards at my postal home address.
But after a week when i didn't get any confirmation from ICICI bank.I called head officer
Mr Chandrakant (M- 9909987674).He told me I will check your detail.but he also didnt take
action so i called him again after two days.He told me kashyap will call you
Kashyap told me that my d

2013-03-12 11:33:41

Airtel - Uninformed billing over credit limit

I had a very bad experience with Airtel 3G postpaid datacard. I bought an Airtel 3G postpaid datacard (corporate connection) and i have been using this for nearly 1 year now and my usage has always been within 5 GB per plan and the bill has never gone over Rs. 850/month as per plan. I was very surprised when i got a bill of Rs. 4494.40 for the month of January 2013 when my Credit Limit was Rs. 2000; I neither got a call from Airtel when it exceeded my credit limit of Rs. 2000 nor my services were barred, which they should have done as per guidelines or asked me to do a part payment on reaching my credit limit. All this time I was thinking my internet usage was within my credit limits, therefore, i was using my datacard as usual. Credit limit is the maximum amount of credit that a custo

2013-03-11 21:25:34

Fake Consultancy In The Name Of Proceed Way Technology

Proceed Way Technology is a fake Job Consultancy ......The management over there is very rude and always cheat people....
I request you to be aware of them..They try to fool the candidates by making false promises by telling them they will give the job for sure but they never do...whenever I tried to call them, they said they will call you in 15minutes but never called back.
Before a month I got the call from their office said to me u are resume selected for job and we have a job for your field . Plz come on our office with take ur certificate and snaps also and take a interview of our hr .But all of these things proved fake.
Their Address is:-
Proceed Ways Technology
SCF 28,2nd Floor,Phase 2,

2013-03-11 11:27:36

Reliance CDMA, SMS Pack Activated but still charging Re 1 per SMS

My mobile Number is 9326943837.
I lodged a complaint against Reliance CDMA in Jan I think, and I got my money refunded,
but now Reliance is taking all money back by charging unnecessarily.
First of all last month they activated Caller tunes in my mobile without my knowledge, neither I got any message or any call for that, so that I will activate it, they activated it automatically and charged around 50 Rs. for that, this month I deactivated it. That's not all
On 25th Feb, they have deducted Rs. 19.50 from my account for SMS pack for 15 days, again on 26th Feb Rs. 6.50 then again on 02nd Mar Rs. 6.50.
Actual amount for one month is Rs. 39, but I didn't had that much balance in my mobile so I was under impression that with all the above amount charged, I will be able to use that pac

2013-03-07 06:58:47

Complaint against : MTNL Broadband Delhi/New Delhi

This is a complaint regarding
MTNL Broadband
I purchased
MTNL broadband
connection before
1 month
. Till date '
5th March 2013
' i have not received any process from MTNL.
The details of the purchase product are mentioned below:
Application Number:
Broadband Plan:
645 INR per month
Payment Number:
Date of Receipt:
11 Feb 2013
MTNL Customer Account No.:
Purchased From:
MTNL Business Associates
Agent Name:
Mr. Raj Kumar
Agent Contact No.:
9013792384, 9891097167.
Paid Amount:
800 Ru. in Advance
Please help me to get the broadband connection.
is not giving any
confirm date
for product delivery/installation.
Waiting for your reply.
With warm regards,
Ashish Chaturvedi

2013-03-05 10:05:42

Harassment from TATA Photon

Have received over 15 calls today from these 2 numbers :+91 8285408556 and +91 9582015825.
They are harassing me to pay a bill amount of Rs. 1,219. This is complete fraud as the customer care has failed to disconnect my connection even after repeated requests.
What are the steps I can take against Tata Photon for this mental agony. Please suggest.

2013-03-04 12:55:48

Tata Photon - Committing fraud in Infosys Bangalore Data Card offer

I had taken Tata Photon Plus offer for data card in Infosys Campus, Bangalore last year. My Account no. is :
I used the connection for 3 months. Because of the slow speeds, I was unsatisfied and asked Customer care to disconnect the connection.
However, the connection was never disconnected even after repeated requests. My data card was disconnected and I did not make use of a single Kb of data. But I was continued to be charged for 3 months even though I had asked for disconnection and no usage. I was even penalized for non-payment.
When the customer care called I explained the problem, and asked for clarifications. However I the issue was not resolved and customer did not get back to me with the required data.
Now I have someone from Delhi court calling me and harassing me

2013-03-04 11:03:02

Reviews about Dreamz Infra

I have booked a flat in “Dreamz Siddhi” which is situated in Electronics City. Dreamz Infra assistance is very excellent and they keep upgrade me on the progress of the project as and when needed. They were able to clear all my concerns and I liked the services offered by them. Really I need to thank Dreamz Infra to meet up with my desire of having a residence in Bangalore. I am very much pleased with Dreamz Cost, because they provide flats 40% less price and at very excellent places. The Executives here are very helpful & Co-operative. Especially CRM group cleared our doubts regarding project and exceed our expectations and they continuous keep upgrading us about the project which increases my assurance on Dreamz Infra. Dreamz Infra is very new organization in Industry but already created

2013-03-01 10:24:45

hindustan money solution fraud

I saw frequent adds in “star of mysore” (28/08/12)news paper for loan at 3% interest per annum. I called the ph no.” 8447945290″given nitu varma talked to me and assured of giving loan of 3lakhs. She asked to send scan copy of my documents to “hindustanmoneysolution@gmail.Com and rs2000 for paperwork in acc no.30771732614 (sbi bank jay sing)
after giving this she aked for “solvency certificate”which I could not produce. Then “pooja” ( 9582336291) from the same company called me and asked for Rs10000 for completing the loan process. I deposited Rs10000 in acc no. 32315227565(sbi bank pramod jha) on 24th sept. Till now I have not got any loan and even not getting back my money.
Total money lost: Rs12000
I request you to solve my problem and take action against them.

2013-02-28 14:30:18

Dreamz Infra Review

My name is Lokesh and I am from Bhopal. I am working in Cyber Ltd. I have booked a flat in Project “Dreamz”. Initially, I had too much worries like which builder I should go I came to know about Dreamz Infra through internet at that time project “Dreamz” was in its initial stage, wether is it the right age to own a flat as i am just 26 years old. Actually, I always felt one should own a flat at the age of 40 or 45.I personally visited “Dreamz” Project. I liked the Project Location and one good thing it’s under my budget. At last I booked a flat in “Dreamz”. I am happy that with the help of Dreamz Infra I own a flat. I would also thank the company, management as they always solved my query instantly. I am ready to share some more opinion about the Dreamz Infra. In Case of any queries you ma

2013-02-28 12:41:06

Regarding PF (Vashi) withdrawal

Dear Sir/ Ma'am:
I had joined one company (Mastiff Tech Pvt. Ltd) in Aug'2007 from that respective month Mastiff is deducting my PF till Apr'2010 and it is also showing in my payslip that whatever amt. for the PF (both the share i.e. employee and employer) is deducting from my salary. In March'2009 my payroll has been changed from Mastiff Tech Pvt. Ltd. to Mastiff Internet Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and I was paying PF (both the share) from my salary.
After 90 days of my relieving when I had submitted my PF form in PF office. It got rejected as there was some problem. After that 5 times I had submitted my forms in PF office but till date I didn't get my PF amount in account; as PF officer's are telling that My company Mastiff Tech (now overtaken by TRICOM INDIA) had not paid the PF amounts

2013-02-27 10:22:08

HellosPY - Mobile Phone Spy Application

is an amazing little mobile phone spy application that helps you trace a mobile in a most accurate and creditable manner helping you know if your partner is cheating on you; your kids are telling lie or going astray; or your employees are playing smart with you.
It has compatibility with all the major mobile platforms and helps you trace the phone well. You’ll find it a remarkable iPhone spy as well; it traces every bit of the smartphone well. So, if you want to spy upon an Android, it is a most dependable Android spy on the market now.
It is most easy to install and equally simple to handle and works in total stealth, the user of the target mobile never gets to know about it ever.
HelloSPY - Quick Features List
• Track Phone Location
• Read Phone SMS Remotely
• Read Phone Contac

2013-02-27 02:39:51

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