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Internet Marketing blog by Lynn Terry with How-to, Tips, Reviews, Case Studies & Ideas to help you succeed online. Known as the Voice of Integrity in IM...

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Comment on How to Make Money Online (For Beginners) by Lynn Terry

Great question! I answered it in detail here:
http://www.clicknewz.com/7012/products-t o-sell-online/

2013-06-04 17:33:16

Choosing Products To Sell Online Choosing Products To Sell Online

What kind of things would be a good choice to sell online? Things that people really need?
Great question! The easiest way to find out what people want to buy online is to look at keyword phrases they are typing into the major search engines.
You can use
keyword modifiers
to really narrow it down to those people who are ready to make a purchase. They will
tell you
exactly what they want and need.
While it really is
simple, there are three key things to consider when you're researching which products to sell online...
Focus on Markets, not Products
You want to choose a market to target. Never create a website around a merchant or a product, simply because they come and go - as do their affiliate programs. That's a surefire way to limit yourself, and set yourself up for failure. Inst

2013-06-04 17:32:13

Comment on What is Evernote? My Favorite Productivity Tool! by LM

Do you keep your blog post drafts in Evernote after you Publish or do you remove them?

2013-06-02 21:34:40

Comment on Super Simple Sidebar Opt-in Widget by Primoz

I bought sidebar domination widget, but I do not know where to get HTML code that my widget will start working. No help for this widget is available at all, just for installation.
Thanks for reply, Primoz

2013-05-17 02:48:18

Comment on Photo Wall Murals for A Beautiful Home Office by Alison

Beautiful ideas for creative Wall art. Murals work so well at captivating an Audience. One trip is, if you want to make your bed the focal point in your room, place a Mural behind the wall. It will really stand out. Thanks for sharing Lisa

2013-05-14 18:45:33

(Adsense Alternative) Earn Money with Qadabra (Adsense Alternative) Earn Money with Qadabra

Let’s be honest, we all want to make as much money as possible with our online businesses.
Advertising is one of the most common and profitable way to make an additional or even your entire income through your website/blog.
The main issue is finding the right partner, one that can bring the best results without requiring daily maintenance or optimization.
Most of us turn directly to Google AdSense, but is this the right solution for everyone?
A friend of mine got booted out of AdSense, without any detailed explanation. And then, the search for the best Google Adsense alternative started. I asked your thoughts on the
best Adsense alternative
in a recent post. One of the recommendations led me to a new and promising player in this space –
Qadabra is a 100% self-serve ad platform

2013-05-11 04:17:36

Comment on Solavei Offers Great Prepaid Mobile Phone Deals by Oscar

This is great Solavei post, not many direct marketing companies produce a product people actually need, and the skeptic that i am, I have nothing but good things to say about the company.

2013-05-07 18:18:02

Comment on The All In One Website Analytic Tool by Melissa Evans

Lynn -
Thanks this could be a real time saver. I wonder if I'd need this AND seomoz
Melissa Evans recently posted..

2013-05-07 16:51:51

Comment on Q&A: How Do I Get Traffic To My Website? by mark

Lyyn Terry after this post I am a great fan of you now because you suggested Scarlet Murdock with some very helpful tips. I am pretty sure some SEO company might have charge around $100 bucks for the same suggestion, and they might not even help like you did.
I will bookmark your site for more interesting info about how to get more traffic.

2013-05-06 21:50:29

How to Make Micro Communities Work For You How to Make Micro Communities Work For You

Guest Post by Dee Coxon
Hi there to you all you lovely people from the Lynn Terry tribe!
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have this chance to speak with you today and how grateful I am to have this opportunity through Lynn to share my message.
Nothing for sale today folks - no dollars or pounds needed - just your attention for a few minutes.
And it‘ll be worth it because you will
get something out of this today...
Just so you know from the get go, I’m going to tell you about Micro Communities and then I’m going to ask you to help me with two things please.
In essence
Micro Communities
share something among their members that is exclusive to them, whatever that may be. The lovely Lynn Terry is a perfect example with her Micro Community members sharing an interest of marketing specifi

2013-05-06 07:42:22

Comment on 7 Simple One Way Link Building Strategies by Lynn Terry

One way link building is definitely best. And you don't want to use any type of software or service to help you with your link building strategy. Keep it as organic as possible.
Lynn Terry recently posted..
Featured Editorial Q&A - Get Creative!

2013-05-06 03:12:04

Comment on ClickBank Affiliate Tip: Direct Link To Checkout by sunil

Actually it's not just the seed. Lots of vendors pass additional parameters with all sorts of extra information to their thankyou page via the payment link. In such cases, the results are going to be unpredictable, but something will probably go wrong.
I believe for this reason (and perhaps others) clickbank asks affiliates to get permission from vendors before using this linking technique.
In any case though, great article. I'll be passing the link on to my customers (I sell a set of graphics for use with clickbank, such as cool payment buttons. Using the technique in this article, clickbank affiliates can put a pay button direct on their site).

2013-05-03 09:26:27

Comment on A New Way to Monetize Your Blog: PostJoint by Joseph

I heard this PostJoint.com from a friend but I was doing something else and forgot to try it out. So I lost the opportunities to earn from my blog. But I just registered now and hopefully, they don't have requirements such as organic traffic or authority of the website/blog. Keep sharing good information Lyn!
Joseph recently posted..
How to dramatically increase your organic visitors?

2013-05-02 08:48:29

Comment on Get Your Site or Product Featured on ClickNewz by michael

Lynn am so happy to know about this,i have two question to ask you.1 is that i live in italy 2 is that i do not have a web site can you help me or suggest for me who will help me build the web site,i really love to start something now .I love to be in the featured editorial but am not sure of what post title I should start off.

2013-05-01 11:05:55

3 Keys to Social Media Effectiveness 3 Keys to Social Media Effectiveness

Guest post by Linda M. Lopeke of
Social media can be one of the most productive tools in your marketing arsenal or one of the more frustrating experiences you'll have online.
The good news? As a new business owner or online entrepreneur, you get to make the planning decisions that influence the effectiveness of your social media marketing.
Here are 3 keys to ensuring your social media investment is working for you and your business...
1. Know your why
Like all marketing activities, your participation in social media should have a specific purpose that supports your overall business goals. There are over 50 ways to use social media to market a business but not all will be suitable for your needs.
The first key to your social media effectiveness is using the available met

2013-04-30 15:58:30

Comment on A New Way to Monetize Your Blog: PostJoint by Alaina Frederick

I have signed up for PostJoint and today posted my first post from there. Right now the topics are business heavy but I hope more in the family category start writing there. Also, for my particular blog there are no paid offerings. Either way it's a great place to get some quality content that I don't have to write myself. Perfect for when the entire household decides they must get sick.
Alaina Frederick recently posted..
How to Choose Baby Clothes

2013-04-29 14:29:47

Write For Profit – Online Writing Skills Can Make You Money Write For Profit – Online Writing Skills Can Make You Money

Whether you decide to build a career around freelance writing or you simply want to build a business blog, enhancing your online writing skills is important.
No matter which niche or industry you're in, every online marketer needs to have quality content at their website and blog. If you learn some of the basics about how to craft quality online content you will do a better job at keeping your readers engaged.
The saying that 'content is king' really is true. You should have quality content at your sites that is unique and insightful. Writing effectively can increase your conversion rates and of course, your overall profits...
Great content makes you more credible as a marketer. It can give you status as an authority in your niche.
About Online Writing Skills
Online writing can be tricky.

2013-04-29 01:54:14

Comment on A New Way to Monetize Your Blog: PostJoint by Movies & Celebrities

I've this entertainment site, so can i join postjoint program for this WP site.
Movies & Celebrities recently posted..
Emma Watson’s Movie ‘The Bling Ring’ 2013 Official Trailer #2 (HD)

2013-04-27 16:09:52

Free Webinars on Internet Marketing Strategies Free Webinars on Internet Marketing Strategies

If you've been around for awhile you may remember that I used to host a Free Internet Marketing Webinar every Tuesday.
It's been awhile since I've done those publicly, but
last week
I decided to host a Free Webinar just for my mailing list subscribers, and it was tons of fun!
We had great questions on specific Internet Marketing strategies, and non-stop
Q&A for a full 90 minutes. *
Watch Replay
This Tuesday, April 23rd 2013, I'll be hosting another Free Webinar at Noon Eastern (9am Pacific).
If you want to
join us live
, make sure you're signed up to the ClickNewz mailing list (use the blue box to the right ->
) so you'll receive the log-in details.
I typically only do live webinars for my
Private Brainstorming Group
, which are called "Brainstorming Hour" and happen twice a week f

2013-04-21 21:14:15

4 Current SEO Copywriting Tips to Help You Improve Rankings and Conversions 4 Current SEO Copywriting Tips to Help You Improve Rankings and Conversions

If you experienced
a drop in rankings
, traffic or earnings this past year then you're likely searching everywhere for the latest greatest "SEO tricks" to regain your rankings.
There have always been tricks, loopholes, products, programs, etc that promise you quick success in the search engines. Some of them even work - temporarily.
Many of them can ultimately
tank your site
in the search results though, or at the very least leave you scrambling for the next best "trick" to try when that one no longer works.
Ironically, those
"fast results"
eat up much more of your time
& resources than simply writing and optimizing
. This has always been the case, but it's
important now with the search engines becoming more intuitive...
Karon Thackston has been teaching th

2013-04-17 22:14:00

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