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Free printable worksheets and lesson plans for every busy teacher. Find printable worksheets on any topic: vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking!

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Song Worksheet: Hot and Cold by Katy Perry [OPPOSITES] Song Worksheet: Hot and Cold by Katy Perry [OPPOSITES]

This is a very easy listening activity for beginners and elementary learners. The song Hot and Cold (Katy Perry) contains opposite adjectives with which students complete the empty spaces in the text. To make it easier I put pictures to the worksheet ...

2013-02-16 18:06:51

Internet Addiction Internet Addiction

Reading comprehension. Students are asked to read a text and answer a series of comprehension questions.First, students should find out the right missing word with refernce to the text in order to complete the gist. Second, theyshould tick the right bo ...

2013-02-16 18:02:07

Good Night Mr Bean Video Activity Good Night Mr Bean Video Activity

Watch this video and answer the questions according what you watch and understand. It is an enjoyable video to share with your class while practising vocabulary. After watching you can use the video for speaking practise about the activity or talk abou ...

2013-02-14 19:02:59

Adverbs of Manner, Place and Time Worksheet Adverbs of Manner, Place and Time Worksheet

This is a simple worksheet for revising adverbs of manner, place and time at elementary level.There are 3 activities in which students are asked to choose the correct adverb of manner to fill in the gaps, write sentences with the words given and write ...

2013-02-10 22:28:50

Song Worksheet: I Will Survive (Verb Patterns) Song Worksheet: I Will Survive (Verb Patterns)

Upper Int level- based on the popular hit by Gloria Gaynor, there are two exercises. The first is a gap-filling activity to practise verbs patterns (gerunds or infinitive) and the second is a listening for detail where some words are wrong and students ...

2013-02-10 17:31:01

Video Worksheet: New Girl Pilot Episode Video Worksheet: New Girl Pilot Episode

Here's a video session on the first episode of New Girl. Listening comprehension activities with pre-watching and after-watching speaking exercises. I recommend using it with ADULTS ONLY since some issues may not be appropriate for teens or children.

2013-02-08 00:34:45

TV Series Worksheet: Modern Family (S02E08) TV Series Worksheet: Modern Family (S02E08)

This worksheet is based on the 8th episode of season 2 of Modern Family and it includes spotting idioms and phrases, filling in the blanks and a space for students' discussion. It also suggests a small composition in the end: a dialogue using some of t ...

2013-02-08 00:33:59

England [PowerPoint Presentation] England [PowerPoint Presentation]

Power Point Presentation (ppt) to talk about England and London. It brings three slides, one with personal questions, another one with the difference between UK and England and a third one with the main sights of the capital of England, London. Enjoy it!

2013-02-08 00:28:18

Song Worksheet: The Climb by Miley Cyrus Song Worksheet: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

This is a worksheet with a song gap fill exercise, a reading comprehension and then some questions on the reading comprehension. After that there is a picture matching part. Miley is a hit with teenagers (usually girls) so it should be good for that ag ...

2013-02-06 04:42:11

Introduce Yourself! Introduce Yourself!

Most teachers need their students to introduce themselves to them and to their other classmates especially for their first time and they need to know some information about them, this sheet can help them to introduce themselves in a smooth way and to b ...

2013-02-01 04:14:44

Passive Voice Usage Passive Voice Usage

This is a powerpoint presentation that I use to show my students how to work the passive voice in its various tenses and also comparing the passive and active constructions. The powerpoint shows some very good examples on when to use the passive voice ...

2012-09-18 21:07:31

5 Great Science Fiction Audiobooks for High School ESL Students 5 Great Science Fiction Audiobooks for High School ESL Students

Let’s be honest. Science fiction rocks.
So what better way to learn English than through the imaginations of great sci-fi writers? Here are five popular science fiction novels that use accessible language and are available as audiobooks. Welcome ...

2012-09-17 19:58:37

The Alphabet Flashcards The Alphabet Flashcards

It is a power point presentation for beginners about the alphabet, in which you will find the picture and the name of the animal and at the end a song of the alphabet . You can use it to introduce the alphabet: just show the letter then ask the studen ...

2012-08-28 17:40:20

Movie Worksheet: Back to the Future Movie Worksheet: Back to the Future

This powerpoint contains a recap of the first part of the movie: Back to the future, using the simple present perfect. It also shows the contrast of personality of George Mcfly. It enables to infer adjectives to describe his evolution. For example, hav ...

2012-08-28 16:31:42

Present Continuous vs Present Simple Present Continuous vs Present Simple

This powerpoint presentation is used to revise the difference between Present Simple and Present Progressive tenses. In the very beginning you will find the rules and then you can use the exercises to practise these tenses! Hope you will enjoy using it!

2012-08-24 18:53:07

Song Worksheet: Lay All Your Love On Me [Mamma Mia! OST]

Song worksheet to practise listening and vocabulary. It contains several exercises as missing words, missing letters, numbering lines and sentence order. It's well - known and catchy song from Mamma Mia! movie: Lay All Your Love On Me. Initially pre ...

2012-08-22 02:40:49

Video Worksheet: Mr Bean at a Judo Class Video Worksheet: Mr Bean at a Judo Class

This is a multiple choice worksheet to practice simple past. Students watch Mr Bean's video and they have to choose the correct option according to what they saw in the video.

This activity is for an adults elementary course.

2012-08-11 15:09:24

First Conditional Presentation First Conditional Presentation

A powerpoint presentation about the first conditional. Teaching the first conditional gets easier and more interesting with this simple power point presentation containing examples with pictures and some exercises to make sure the students understood t ...

2012-07-31 18:29:44

Cooking Verbs Worksheet Cooking Verbs Worksheet

This is a worksheet for revising cooking verbs.There is a picture dictionary which can also be used as a study sheet followed by a pretty easy matching activity.The worksheet is available in different sizes (formats) and both colour and black and white ...

2012-07-21 00:58:04

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