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Help IDing three baby birds - North Wales Help IDing three baby birds - North Wales

I have just found three fledgling birds huddled together by a wall near my house. There was a fourth baby but sadly it had died. I looked round for the parents or their nest as I know not to immediately touch or move baby birds, especially fledging that are just learning to fly. I walked away from the babies and waited for about 10 minutes to see if a mother or farther would come but they didnt. I decided to leave them where they were for half an hour to see if they parents would return to them. I came back half an hour later and they were still alone with no sign of the parents. I looked again for a nest but there were no trees or bushes anywhere near them, I think they have been blown out of the nest and along the street as it is very windy and rainy here in North Wales today. I decided

2013-06-12 14:04:40

6 different kookaburras 6 different kookaburras

So the other day i decided to go out on the veranda and see what arrives since there are several birds here and some i am yet to photograph.
This is when i was greeted with 6 kookaburras sitting in the gumtree...
I got a few photos and thought i'd share one. I know kookaburras arnt rare or anything but i thought this was kinda cool :)
Well anyway i also saw a currawong and red wattle bird.
So thats my birding day.
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2013-06-12 13:56:44

Tokina AF 300mm f/2.8 vs. Nikon 300 mm f/2.8 ED Ai-S

I've found 2 bright second hand telephoto lenses at very good price. They are: Tokina AF 300mm f/2.8 and Nikon 300 mm f/2.8 ED Ai-S. Which is the best?
Here is Tokina's review:
http://nikonglass.blogspot.com/2008/...- at-x-pro.html
Thanks 4 help

2013-06-12 11:34:43

Tibetan Pigeon Tibetan Pigeon

Rock pigeon? Hill Pigeon?
It was found at a hermitage at 4800M elevation not far from Lhasa in October.
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2013-06-12 09:58:58

New Video: Barn Owl (added by grasshoper) New Video: Barn Owl (added by grasshoper)

Barn Owl
Added: 18 seconds ago
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2013-06-12 01:03:06

Help with tenerife bird

Hello All
I am trying to find a name for a large gull type bird that I see in tenerife. It comes in about 1 hour after sunset and appears to be pure white with a long narrow wing and an unusual call. Can someone please help?

2013-06-11 21:57:12

Mystery bird 3, Death Valley National Park, California, USA Mystery bird 3, Death Valley National Park, California, USA

These images were captured by a camera trap for Bighorn Sheep. A Say's Phoebe triggered the camera (3 images per trigger) and 1/5th of a second later this bird flew threw the area resulting in this image. The first image provides context, day, date, time, temperature, etc. The second is a closer view of the bird.
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2013-06-11 21:32:27

Birding in the Himachal Pradesh

Hello all,
Here is a short trip report of the monthly bird walk of the Chandigarh Bird club to Chakkimodh, Himachal pradesh. It is a great area for birding, just off the Himalayan expressway and easily accesible.
http://birdingdoc.blogspot.com/2013/...m odhbirds.html
Happy Birding!

2013-06-10 16:50:53

Sandpiper in Austin, Texas, US Sandpiper in Austin, Texas, US

This photo was taken on 5-12-2013 at a sewer pond in Austin, Texas. Also in the area were a lot of Pectoral, Least, and White-rumped Sandpipers as well as Lesser Yellowlegs. There is a Least and a Pectoral on the right side of this pic even. Still learning the sandpipers so any help here is appreciated. Thanks!
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2013-06-10 15:48:35

Egg Stealing!! Egg Stealing!!

Watched a Lesser Black-backed Gull swoop in and take an egg from the nest of a Canada Goose only to see it attacked by a Carrion Crow who the stole the egg and flew off with it in its beak!!
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2013-06-10 13:09:48

Long or short-eared owl [Switzerland] Long or short-eared owl [Switzerland]

a friend saw this owl a few days ago, attacked by carrion crows.
I can't choose between long and short-eared owl and this is the only picture he has got.
What do you think?
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2013-06-10 09:51:07

Anyone have a woodpecker feeder like this?

I've finally managed to thwart the grackles with a thistle feeder that they aren't interested in and a caged sunflower feeder that they can't use no matter how hard they try. Most of the grackles have moved on, and I only have a handful that frequent my yard to eat on the ground and complain. It's great!
I put my suet feeder away for the summer so that the grackles can't use it, but I miss my flickers, woodpeckers and chickadees. I'm thinking of buying a feeder like this:
http://www.forthebirdsnatureshop.ca/...p ecker-feeder/
But I wanted to see if any of you have a feeder like it, what you think of it, what birds frequent it, and (most importantly) whether those darned grackles will be able to use it!
Thanks so much for offering your opinions on this feeder o:)

2013-06-08 22:50:40

More Kerala Birds More Kerala Birds

I'm stuck on these two birds from an Xmas holiday in Kerala, India
Probably the same bird in fact and I added another photo for it.
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2013-06-08 22:45:29

8X26 Vanquish vs Diamondback

I posted this in the wrong fourm (spotting scopes). Please forgive mods.
From reading some post I have the impression that the porro prism binoculars are optically better than the same price level roof prisms.
I am still considering a new pair of small binoculars, and have pretty well narrowed it down to the 8X26 Vanquish or the 8X26 Diamondback binos.
I think the Diamondback would fit better in a pocket, but not sure.
What would be the recommendations of those here between those two binoculars? They will not be used in bad weather normally. Would there be a noticeable difference in brightness?

2013-06-08 22:11:41

Butterfly ID Italian Alps near Brescia Butterfly ID Italian Alps near Brescia

A friend of mine took this recently in the Italian Alps not far north of Brescia and above 1000m. Is it a Common Brassy Ringlet? That was the best fit I could find, but concerned there do seem to be at least one or two similar species there. Would be grateful for any help with the ID :t:
All the best
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2013-06-08 22:09:47

A dithyrambic digiscoper in Shanghai,China A dithyrambic digiscoper in Shanghai,China

Hi to everyone.
I'm a digiscoping fans in Shanghai, China.
I love digiscoping,although I owned the nikon AF-S 500F4.
I prefered to use camaras and scopes combo.
I owned Swaro STX95,KOWA lens/scope,Swaro stm80hd,KOWA883,Fuji X100s,Sony nex7,nex6,Nikon D800,etc. And one of my new toys is Sony RX1(with evf).
I 'm very happy to join the birdforum and communicate with digiscoping fans here!
I post one of my pitures.Some of them are taken by Swaro stx95 and KOWA lens/scope.
I look forward to comunicte with everyone here.
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2013-06-08 09:17:35

Warbler - Sask Canada Warbler - Sask Canada

At first I thought it was a Yellow RUmped warbler (quick sight of the yellow 'armpits', but upon looking at my photos, I see no yellow rump.. Could this be a female or non breeding American Redstart (based on the yellow tail edges?)?
Thank you for any help!
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2013-06-08 06:00:24

Great tits vs starlings

Hi can anybody Help I hv a bird box with great tits and baby's In they are 5 days old now and in the house opposite mine is a large bunch of starlings nesting in the roof , this morning at 5am I looked out of the window and seen a a starling was flying away from the bird box I had scared it and didn't see what it was doing then I came back and 3 starlings were about to land on my roof just above the bird box so I banged the window , do starlings eat chicks ????? Will they bother them ??? As I wasn't sure I put some food out in the usual place around the front of the house as to keep them occupied .... This is the second year running I have had nesting tits & last year One day they were there chirping away next gone I am new to all this so can anyone advise me please

2013-06-07 23:10:28

Cardinal quelea Cardinal quelea

Hello again mates
Kindly can I have a confirmation if this is a cardinal quelea . Spotted before in Ethiopia .
Many thanks
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2013-06-07 14:07:37

2 Alpen compact Shasta Ridge

I already have a full-size Alpen Shasta Ridge (8x42). Looking to buy a compact binocular for when bicycling (exercise, birding, photography).
Alpen has these 2 models. Do those measurements look right? I am guessing the last number is the length? Seems a big discrepancy with the first number (2 vs 4). The last model is a 8 x 26 (vs the 25 of the first model).
One is a roof prism measuring 2x4x4 (8 x 25)
http://www.amazon.com/Alpen-Shasta-R...s =shasta+ridge
One is a porro prism measuring 4x3x5 (8x26)
http://www.amazon.com/Alpen-SHASTA-R.../ dp/B000FISPQI

2013-06-05 04:54:25

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