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Citi Select KF Conversion Rate Potential Devaluation?

So I wanted to move some Citi Select rewards points out into my SQ in light of the recent devaluation of lesser cards.
Guess what? It seems for me at least, I would need 22,500 Citi points to redeem 15,000 SQ points!
Not sure if its a computer error (note the text has not changed yet), or a sign of ANOTHER POTENTIAL DEVALUATION?! :evil: Going to call them after dinner!!!
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2013-06-10 12:34:56

Bose Quiet Comfort 20 (QC20)

Looks like Bose has just released their new in-ear noise cancelling headphones QC20
Bose noise cancelling headphones
Probably too soon for many to already have them but would be keen to hear their reviews if anyone has tried it. Perhaps finally some good noise cancelling that can be used for sleeping on the side.
By the way - the ear pads on my QC15s are falling apart (only had them for about 2.5 years) which is quite disappointing given you'd think for the price they would make it more durable. I called Bose Sydney for the cost of replacement ear pads and was quote AUD 65!! Which is about $30 more than from the Bose US website. What. a. rort. Oh well, I've stopped buying things in Australia anyway, so this shouldn't have been of any surprise to me.

2013-06-10 08:11:22

No flexibility for lounge access for non flying plats?

That should say non flying plats
Today I had the misfortune of flying with JetStar and was greeted at the airport with a 3 hour delay :( Normally always fly Virgin Australia (1-2 times a month) and both my partner and I are Platinum (me with about 1500 SC's in last 6 months).
Whilst I know anytime access is no more sadly, I thought I'd ask politely if they were able to make an exception for two regular flying Plats. The lady on the door said there was no flexibility at all. I asked if this was because the lounge was full and she said no it wasn't. Is that the standard experience? Am sure I've hard stories of others being more successful?
tried Qantas Club with my Cathay Gold (oneworld sapphire), and got told no - I could only come in if I had oneworld sapphire! Explained I did but she didn

2013-06-10 07:24:21

Travel Industry info help

I'm about to launch into an events business in Brisbane and I'm thinking of bringing in travel into the concept and I've been looking online and I'm finding it challenging to get information about the travel industry and would love some feedback/guidance about where to go. A couple of things I'm needing information on.
1. I'm a lost with who is the best training organisation. Can anyone recommend any? I'm not sure whether online is ok, or best in a classroom environment?
2. Whilst I don't mind working in a travel agency to get the work experience, I'd ideally like to incorporate with my business so I'm wondering what qualifications I need to be able to get retail/wholesale pricing?
3. As a guideline, what is the percentage of profit that can be made from buying retail/wholesale? I need to

2013-06-09 02:32:07

Qantas Online Checkin - EST03?

Hi Guys,
Tried to checkin online for my flight SYD - LAX tomorrow and I'm getting error message EST03 - saying proceed to the airport to check in? Any ideas?

2013-06-08 13:40:04

Qantas Platinum One to Qantas Platinum

I have recently been demoted from Platinum One to Platinum. My membership was reassessed on May 31 and today, the demotion has become active. Over the last three years, I have attained Platinum One through meeting the criteria in two of those three years. In my most recent year, being the third year, I attained 2,600 Qantas Status points and about 100 status points spread between AA & CX.
I fly almost exclusively in Domestic Y and this has not changed over the last three years. The only perk and almost only reason that I have flown with Qantas and enjoyed being a Platinum One, was the ability to pre select the front row in Y upon making a reservation, as opposed to having access to these rows in the immediate days before departure.
I find it bizarre that Qantas attempts to encourage additi

2013-06-07 11:00:26

Tiger Airways to drop tiger icon in relaunch (Straits Times, SIN)

There's no explicit mention of what this might mean for the local franchise.
Budget airline Tiger Airways to drop tiger icon in relaunch
Budget airline Tiger Airways to drop tiger icon in relaunch
Carrier's rebranding exercise to build greater affinity with customers
By Karamjit Kaur, Aviation Correspondent
LOW-COST carrier Tiger Airways is giving up its orange and black stripes - but not its roar.
The airline will keep its name but drop the pouncing tiger icon from its aircraft body and other marketing materials as part of a major rebranding exercise.
A Tiger spokesman declined to comment when contacted but The Straits Times understands that a big-bang relaunch is planned in the coming weeks.
It is not clear if the change will include a new look for cabin crew, who now don yellow a

2013-06-06 12:09:15

Watching State of Origin in Shanghai

Last year Cruiser Elite was kindly able to point me in the direction of The Den for Beijing, but this time I am in Shanghai. Any suggestions?

2013-05-31 12:20:51

Hertz "Mystery Vehicle" option

Haven't seen this being offered before. Is it new?
That said ... Everytime I hired from Hertz in Australia, the car I received would be a case of lucky dip anyway :)
Hertz Mystery Vehicle
Looking for a new and exciting way to rent your next car? Why not choose the Hertz Mystery Vehicle?
Enjoy a competitively priced modern vehicle with all the quality and features you’ve come to expect from the premier Hertz fleet.
Our mystery cars can range anywhere from Economy sized Hatchbacks to 8 Seater People Movers, Full-Size Sedans to Utility vehicles and everything in between!
Curious? Choose the ‘Hertz Mystery Vehicle’ next time you need to hire a car.
*Available from selected locations around Australia.

2013-05-27 11:01:38

Citibank Bpay problem

Has anyone encountered any Bpay problems (one time payment) when using the Chrome browser lately? My Confirm and Pay button at the last step doesn't do anything! If I click it a second time, it says request in progress and will be processed shortly, but it doesn't work. Works fine in IE though.

2013-05-21 14:40:41

New Flight Centre captain

Somewhere over the last week I noticed a Flight Centre print advert and they had a new 'captain'. This is their third advertising captain that I'm aware of.
I recall a discussion with one of their advertising suppliers a few years ago whom talked about the effectiveness of having the 'captain' appear in all their advertising. When the captain is in the adverts they work. Without a captain, they don't have the same effect.
Current advertising captain
new capt.gif
Replaced captain
new capt replaced.jpg
Couldn't find an online pic of the preceding captain
The real captain
Disclaimer: I'm not associated with Flight Centre but I did last purchase a fare from them in 2003!
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new capt replaced.jpg
(21.5 KB)

2013-05-16 04:53:19

Qantas Flight QF27/28 SYD-SCL Economy - best seat with a child?

I'm travelling on Qantas QF27/28 from syd to chile in economy and was wondering what would be the best seats for a mother and child?
my baby will be a year old when we travel and I'm purchasing a seat for her as I don't think I'll get a bulkhead seat.
Any help would be appreciated. I'm quite anxious about flying on my own with bub..

2013-05-15 12:39:31

ATO Payment via Credit Card

Hi. I've just discovered that Citibank no longer award FF points for ATO payments (just after paying a large BAS bill) What Credit cards still give FF points for ATO payments. Thanks for the help.

2013-05-14 15:10:47

Phone number help please!

I'm having a debate with the wife involving 1300 Phone Words, which is relevant to a business venture we are starting.
If you saw a 1300 number on the back of a vehicle, what would be easier to remember:
(a) - A "standard 1300 number such as 1300 04 44 04 or 1300 113 331 (bearing in mind that triples like 11 22 33 or doubles like 332 332 are just not available any more unless they decide to release 1400 or 1500 numbers), or
(b) - A Phone Word such as 1300 HANDYV (which translates to an actual number of 1300 426 398, but may or may not be displayed).
AND, would a matching number plate assist with remembering it.
Mrs VC believes that no one dials number based on words, but unless you write it down, who remembers a number?
The number plate would also match part of the web address (i.e.

2013-05-13 11:58:05

Qantas Club or Emirates Business Lounge

Hi Everyone :D
You guys were a great help with my last questions regarding lounge access, so i'm hoping you might be able to lend a hand again :)
I'm flying MEL-DXB-LHR in S on Qantas :|
As a Bronze Qantas Club Member do I have access to the Emirates lounge in MEL or just the Qantas International Business Lounge?
Also am I right in thinking that on my way home at LHR I have access to the American Airlines Admirals Lounge and my stopovers in DXB I have access to the Emirates International Business Lounge?
Thanks kindly

2013-05-10 16:33:17

BKK-SYD, on QF or EK in economy

Flying SYD-BKK on QF23 and for BKK-SYD I'm trying to choose between either the Emirates operated QF8418 or the QF24 flight. Both legs are same price.
I'll be travelling in economy so any advice on whether to choose Emirates or QF for the leg home would be appreciated. EG. Seat comfort & seat width would help to decide which way to go, but any advice would be helpful.

2013-05-10 15:30:46

Aussie Accessories: Identifying Australians Overseas Aussie Accessories: Identifying Australians Overseas

One member this week queries whether our fellow AFFers go out of their way to identify themselves as an Australian whilst travelling overseas. Some members have seen Australians keen to display their "Aussie-ness" by decking themselves out in a myriad of Aussie accessories. An Australian-flag pin, an Australian rugby jumper and chants of "Aussie. Aussie, Aussie" will usually do the trick.
Many members, however, adopt a more subtle approach and report that they don't go out of their way to highlight their nationality. The preference for many of our members is to be mistaken

2013-05-08 22:10:00

Qantas Lounge Access

Might be a silly question, but I wanted to confirm whether I would be able to access the Qantas Singapore Lounge when I travel there later this year, using a complimentary Qantas Club invitation (one you get when you attain Silver status). The next onward flight is an Emirates-operated QF codeshare flight (I'm travelling in Economy).

2013-05-04 11:54:27

Myer One Platinum anyone?

Anyone here have more information on Myer One's new invite only platinum level? - it's requirements / benefits etc.

2013-05-04 05:10:12

Life beyond LTG: Would you stick with Qantas if...

I am keeping thinking of life beyond Qantas Lifetime Gold since I am very close to achieve it now. My understanding is that most of LTGs with Qantas start to seek excitements outside the marriage with Qantas once they attains status quo.
So what Qantas could offer to make you stick with Qantas after LTG?
1>, Lifetime Platinum at 20,000 Qantas code only SC or similar?
2>, A reduced Platinum requalification?
e.g. 800SC per membership year across oneworld alliance or 600SC Qantas code only.
3>, Other tangible benefits?
e.g. every 400SC to get a First class lounge invitation? or guaranteed first class counter check-in within Qantas network?
Please join the discussion and I bet many different opinions exist.

2013-05-02 14:38:01

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