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Research Tablet and App?

I am looking to buy my first tablet and wondering if anyone could offer some advice.
I would like to be able to do something as close to real research with it as possible and simplify the note-taking and citation process. Is there an app that will automatically take highlighted text and notes and put them in a cataloged and cited document or folder?
I would like to be able to read a book, highlight a section and have that section be sent to a folder or document with the citation (MLA, APA, etc.) of the source automatically. Also, be able to take notes in the newly created document or on the original text itself and have it saved as well.
Does this exist already?
Which tablet would be best for this? (I am thinking the Samsung Note 8 but was wondering if there may be a less expensive option.

2013-06-08 05:57:44

Help with my new tablet

Hiya everyone im just looking to see if maybe someone can help wiv rooting and maybe putting jellybean on my Coby Kyros 7033-4 just bought it new on ebay and looking to play around wiv it thanks

2013-06-08 02:13:50

Coby Kyros 7042-4 system space issue

Thanks to everyone for the help, I have been reading this site and have got much help, but im stuck and need some assistance :-)
I have tried to root my tablet 7042-4, and all seemed to go well, but its does not seemed to have actually done anything.
I followed the instructions here
READ FIRST: Development Index and Root Utility
Its all connected ok and it copied the files ok, but I think the rooting process ran out of space on /system
shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ df
Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize
/dev 407M 44K 407M 4096
/mnt/asec 407M 0K 407M 4096
/mnt/obb 407M 0K 407M 4096
/system 251M 251M 4K 4096
/data 1G 249M 1G 4096
/cache 503M 8M 495M 4096
/mnt/sdcard 4G 68M 4G 4096
/mnt/extsd 7G 168K 7G 4096
and now su is too small and I get a segmentation fault when I run su

2013-06-08 00:35:51

how can i root this Chinese tablet rockchip ex047n ?

i have a new chinese tablet which name is expad 047 it comes with android 4.1
i need to root it bc i cant install alot of apps without root such as whats up and tiitanum backup, DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT, unlockroots ) but all of them dosent work .
i tried most of apps here but not working ( tried z4root, super one click ,
first i didnt have the tablet driver but i installed it with a DriverPackSolution program but i still cant root my tablet
the tablet specificatoins is :
cpu : rockchip rk3066 1.6Hz dual-core
ram : 1GB ddr3
system : android 4.1
storage : 8GB
size : 8 inch
product of ashtel group , microdigt is a brand of ashtel
Ashtel Group Web
but I dident find anything in it
there are more things like wifi , came , apps and other stuff if its important tell me to add them
and i found this

2013-06-07 23:59:34

FBI, NSA said to be secretly mining data from nine U.S. tech giants FBI, NSA said to be secretly mining data from nine U.S. tech giants

Summary: UPDATED: Turns out U.S. government agencies might be tapping into into a lot more than just Verizon customer records.
Rachel King
Between the Lines
| June 6, 2013 - 22:23 GMT (15:23 PDT)
Both the
National Security Agency
and the
Federal Bureau of Investigation
are said to have been secretly mining data directly from the servers of at least nine top U.S.-based technology companies, according to
The Washington Post
NSA is watching you
US gov't defends NSA surveillance, slams 'reprehensible' journalists
FBI, NSA said to be secretly mining data from tech giants
Anonymous leaks more NSA-related docs
NSA: All up in your privacy junk since 1952
NSA 'top secret' spying order affects millions of Americans: FAQ
Verizon records tapped by NSA
The great paradox of our national secu

2013-06-07 23:55:05

Does anyone use VOIP app on Nook HD+

As far as I can figure, my
hd+ 32 has everything necessary to be a VOIP phone. Does anyone know any different?
Is anyone using a VOIP app on the nook hd+?
If so, can you give me some advice?
Thank you.

2013-06-07 19:53:54

How do I root an A1CS X220

Hello again,
I am struggling to know how I root my A1CS X220 tablet. My computer lets me access the files on the SD card but not any files on my the tablets internal memory (including system files). The purpose of this is so I can install 2 apk's that will not install or copy, and I was told I need to root my device to do that
Predictive Spelling and Dictionary Problems
. And I am not sure what software I need to download to make this possible.
Any suggestions on how to root my tablet will be kindly appreciated,
Kind regards

2013-06-07 19:03:20

Spice Stellar Pad Mi1010 - brand new tablet not charging after 4 days

I bought a Spice Stellar Pad Mi1010 about a 5-6 days back. It worked fine first two days and then I left it for two days as I was busy on something. When I tried to charge the tablet it is not charging through the wall adaptor. And it does not support usb charging, uses a custom charger with a old nokia phone like thin pin. When I plug to the mains on wall, the tablet turns on but does nothing. then the light goes off (enters standby mode??). No charging. I have left it to charge for over 10 hours overnight, but still nothing. Neither the charger, nor the tablet even gets heated to show charging is happening.
Anyone else faced this problem? And any fix for it?
User ve

2013-06-07 13:10:15

Convert/Sync iTunes M4V to Galaxy Tab 3 with Best iTunes to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter Convert/Sync iTunes M4V to Galaxy Tab 3 with Best iTunes to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter

iTunes is a popular app store for Apple users to purchase movies, TV shows and more. At the same time, if you just get the
Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
inch tablet, you may have the idea of
watching iTunes movies/TV shows on Galaxy Tab 3
. But, even if you have spent money on these iTunes content, you still haven’t the full right to handle them, for the reason of DRM protection.Chewtune, an excellent
iTunes video converter
that let you get rid of the annoying DRM and exports free MP4 video that play perfectly on Galaxy Tab 3 Galaxy Tab 3.This is the best DRM removal as the fast and efficient conversion rate far exceeds any other on the market today, if you also want to
put iTunes movies onto Galaxy Tab 3 for watching
, go ahead to get the app and follow my guide below for the whole conversion proces

2013-06-07 10:34:34

Coby 7036 Not Booting

So I'm brand new and may not be posting this is the right place. If so, sorry.
I managed to swing a free Coby 7036 via Freecycle. I rooted it for Google Play and had no issues, but apparently it didn't agree with an app I got and it froze. I used the reset button on the back, but then it wouldn't boot past the Android screen.
I have done 2 factory resets (by letting it die, plugging it in, and holding down the back & power buttons) but it still won't boot. Did I just totally screw it up, or am I missing something?

2013-06-07 08:35:10

Stuck in MTP mode: MID7065

I just got a Coby MID7065 for the purpose of learning Android development.
I put the device into MTP/Media Device mode while I was becoming familiar with the Android interface, and I have been unable to get it out of MTP mode. I believe that this is what is causing my device to not be detected by adb and the Android Development Tools.
Things I have tried to get out of MTP mode:
1. Settings > Storage > USB Connections, and then uncheck the MTP box. For the love of God, the box will not uncheck no matter how many times I tap it.
2. Factory reset. I have tried a factory reset and restoring the device to factory defaults. No luck; the MTP check box remains checked.
3. Stopping the "Media Storage" app/service in Settings > Apps > All. No effect.
4. I'm new to Android, but I did root the dev

2013-06-07 07:33:25

rooting Ampe A10 single

Hi, please can you help me on how root my Ampe A10 single core? its android version is 4.0

2013-06-07 04:07:16

Coby MID7038 "is charging" but it isn't

I bought this Coby MID7038 a month ago. I didn't have any problems with it, until now. The battery shows it "IS CHARGING" but apparently it doesn't. For the first 30mins, it charged up to 35%. Then I turned it off. After 2hrs, I turned it on to check..it DID CHARGED but heck it was only up to 36%.
1. What's wrong with this?
2. I sometimes use it even it's charging. Is this the reason?
3. Help me please.
I'm sorry if this question was already asked and was already answered.

2013-06-07 02:12:32

problem in my device!!!!!

i have Mi crodigit tablet.you may find information about it in that link
MICRODIGIT M700GPRIME Tablet (7inch, 3G, Android 4.0, 8 GB, WiFi, Dual Camera) in UAE | Souq
the problem is that i tried to install cmw recovery prog from play store,then the device restarted and stopped on the welcome screen and computer doesnot recognize it via usb cable.now i cannot get to recovery mode and i donnot know what to do with it.anyone could know anything to help!!

2013-06-07 01:53:34

com.android.smspush for ARMv7

Hi, I accidentally uninstalled com.android.smspush and I need the apk or an entire folder for ARMv7 CPU A10. I googled but I could not find anything. Someone help me?

2013-06-06 11:04:51

Best Blu-ray Ripper for Asus Infinty TF700 - Play Blu-ray on Transformer Pad TF700 Best Blu-ray Ripper for Asus Infinty TF700 - Play Blu-ray on Transformer Pad TF700

With Tegra 3 chip, Android 4.0 pre-installed and a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 screen to match, there's little question that the TF700 was intended as a top-shelf device for movie playback. It’s easy to put AVI, MP4, WMV and H.264 movies to Asus Transformer Pad Infinity for watching. With a few more steps, you can even convert movies from DVD or Blu-ray Disc into ASUS Infinity tablet supported fair videos, so that you may take HD movies along with and watch them wherever you like.
[How to]
Put a DVD or Blu-ray movie to Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
Before we start you’d better get a tool- Pavtube
Blu-ray to Android Ripper
, which hacks DVD and Blu-ray Disc and rips movies to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc with flexible settings. Go ahead to
download a
Blu-ray to Android Ripper trial

2013-06-06 10:26:29

Innovative tablet from SpeMall: VOYO A15 Innovative tablet from SpeMall: VOYO A15

Today we present a new tablet of a brand that, until today, we were unaware: VOYO. This brand to presented an interesting tablet, called
, which mounts the new Samsung Soc, the Exynos 5250 to 2.0 GHz Cortex A15 which incorporates a powerful GPU Mali-T604. In addition to the Voyo A15 new Soc incorporates a 11, 6″ FullHd IPS 11, 6″ 1920 × 1080 screen, 2 GB Ram, 16 Gb of storage memory internal, a large battery of 11, 500mha and finally to see the addition of USB 3.0 connectors.
It seems that many Chinese brands are opting to produce some quality products aside from a mere copy. This tablet is a good example since it incorporates interesting innovations, a powerful Soc based on the new architecture Cortex A15 and connections USB 3rd. hope to try this Soc when it goes on the market, s

2013-06-06 10:11:00

Feedback on Bauhn 10" 3G Quad Core Tablet

I have just bought one of the above tablets and would like some feedback from other buyers re their praise/problems with it in terms of use in Australia and overseas, since I shall be travelling to France, Italy, Spain and Morrocco in 3 weeks time.

2013-06-06 06:30:56

CLP281a recovery or firmware

I have downloaded and attempted to flash my netbook with the same SD card I used to flash a 281x and it didn't work. So I tried 3 other cards with the same results. There's really nothing to creating the flash just extract to the root of the card. Again all of them work in a 281x without issue. I have read that this tablet has a rock chip CPU a rk2918 so that would explain why the firmware that supposedly works on both models doesn't since the 281x is a via 8850. Can anyone assist me in how I could get this tablet to hard reset, into recovery, or flash mode? I have tried multiple things and it has no volume buttons nor does it seem to have an OTG port just standard type A female ports. I would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone could offer!

2013-06-06 04:32:11

C93 just stopped working!

I have had this tablet since mid March and no issues until Saturday. I turned it on and it wouldn't find the internet or anything else on the tablet. I did a reset and it still did not work. So I did a factory reset and wiped it clean to start from scratch. This made it worse as now it won't find the WiFi and will not even find the internet with an Ethernet cable hooked up It iis also using power way to fast. So basically I have a tablet that will turn on but it wiped clean and cannot use it. I tried to contact the seller but they only give a 30 day warranty so I feel I am screwed. If you have any suggestions on what I can do to get it to work I would appreciate it.

2013-06-06 02:15:16

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