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Lexus Loyalty Cash

Does anybody know if Lexus is still offering the $1000 customer loyalty bonus? I know about the $2500 bonus cash for the GS350 through 7/8/13 but can't seem to find anything about the loyalty bonus? Thanks guys.

2013-06-09 01:32:57

FS: 2G TL blacked out headlights - OEM

Selling blacked out headlights off 2G TL - no bulbs or ballasts, headlights only.
These headlights are OEM.
Blacked them out and never got around to re-installing them on the car, have just been sitting in the garage.
Buyer pays shipping.
Attached Images
(234.2 KB)
(256.0 KB)

2013-06-08 18:53:19

FS: 18" Advan RG II wheels with tires FS: 18

Selling a set of 18" Advan RG IIs in minty condition, finish gloss black.
18x9 +22 square set up
255/35-18 Bridgestone potenzas which will need to be replaced soon. I would approximate 30% tread.
$2200 picked up!
Located in Queens, NY. Serious buyers PM me!

2013-06-05 15:50:07

FS/WTT: [Socal]: Gunmetal Volks GT-V 19x9.5 +30 & 19x10.5 +24 with Nitto Tires! FS/WTT: [Socal]: Gunmetal Volks GT-V 19x9.5 +30 & 19x10.5 +24 with Nitto Tires!

Sup guys, I got for sale a set of (4) Gunmetal 5x114 Authentic Volks GT-V wheels with Nitto Tires. Will also include (4) Authentic Volks Center Caps too. Specs are (2) 19x9.5 +30 and (2) 19x10.5 +24. Tire specs on Fronts: 245/35/19 and Rears: 275/35/19. Front tires have about ~75% tread life remaining and rears have about ~55% tread life remaining. One wheel has a good amount of curbage, other three have few. These wheels have NO bends or cracks. Selling these wheels because they are a bit too aggressive for my SC400. Will take $1600 cash or willing to trade for other wheels + cash, show me what you got.
Located in Fullerton, 92835. Feel free to check these out in person. NO shipping unless YOU pay for it.
Call/txt me @ 7one4.3five6.2zeronine1.

2013-06-05 04:04:46

FS: 3G TL ATLP V2 J-pipe needs some work+ FREE oem 6speed MT FSB

I Have for sale my ATLP V2 j pipe thats gonna need a new flex pipe. Long story short some unavoidable road debri got under the car and stretched the flex pipe part on the j pipe. Nothing else is wrong with the pipe. I've used it for about 8-10k miles.
Also I will throw in for FREE to the buyer an oem 6speed MT front sway bar, this would be a nice upgrade for the auto base guys. Just pay for shipping.
Asking price $200 shipped for the j pipe. Located in Baltimore MD.
Pics will come later tonight.

2013-06-04 03:09:14

FS: 3G TL WDP Type-S A-spec front lip, Base model A-spec sideskirts and rear lip

I am selling a WDP Type-S A-spec front lip, Base model A-spec sideskirts, and base model A-spec rear lip from a Base model 2008 Acura TL. Ideally, you should have a base model TL in order to fit all these parts. I believe for a Type-S, the rear bumper lip requires modification in order to fit it.
There is a minor scuff on the rear lip due to some dumbass ramming into my car. One of the pictures shows the scuff. It's actually not that noticable from a distance.
There is a scrape at the bottom of the front lip, but it is not visible unless you look under the car. One of the pictures shows this scrape.
All mounting hardware except for the front lip is included.
I want to sell all of it together, which is why I'm asking for only $400. I am located in the south bay, CA. Please PM me if interest

2013-06-02 21:35:54

FS: 04-06 TL Carbon Steering Wheel OEM FS: 04-06 TL Carbon Steering Wheel OEM

I'm selling a brand new carbon fiber oem steering wheel for 04-06 TL's. Comes with new screws for the airbag too. Selling because I just bought a new oem regular steering wheel for cheap and looking to buy wheels. Price is $320 shipped.

2013-05-30 19:32:24

FS: 20" volk racing gt-7 FS: 20

Putting my RARE and AUTHENTIC Volk Racing GT-7 wheels....Specs are as follows:
Volk GT-7 (polished black face w/ polished lips)
Fronts: 20x9 +20 (offset)
Rears: 20x10.5 +24 (offset)
Volk Racing F1 center caps
Wheels are all round and true, with no cracks or bends. 3 of the wheels have minor curb age on the very outer lip (you can hardly notice in the pictures), And can easily be repaired by any wheel service.
Wheels will come without tires....as they are shot, and aren't worth the shipping weight honestly if out of state buyer is interested in a purchase. Any questions, hit me up.....looking at $2500 shipped on these Rare and discontinued wheels!

2013-05-29 02:51:23

FS: 2005+ Acura RL A-Spec 18" Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sports w/ TPMS

Up for sale are my 18" Acura RL A-spec wheels and tires which have been used on my 2006 RL. 5x120 bolt pattern, genuine Acura OEM factory A-spec wheels. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 245/45/ZR18 and have 50% or better treadlife remaining. Acura center caps and factory TPMS sensors are included as well. Everything works and performs as it should. I currently have these installed on my RL (great look) and will remove them once sold. The tires have just been re-balanced within the last 3 weeks. The wheels do have some cosmetic blemishes like curb rash but still shine well and are presentable. I'm quite particular, so my intention was to have the wheels re-finished at some point but I am considering the sale of the vehicle soon, and so am listing these wheels and tires for sale. I can tak

2013-05-28 22:41:20

FS: Volk Racing TE37 Gunmetal 18x8.5 +40 - MINT! FS: Volk Racing TE37 Gunmetal 18x8.5 +40 - MINT!

Selling my 100% mint set of 18x8.5 +40 Volk Racing TE37s in Gunmetal.
Comes with:
- 235/40/18 Goodyear Eagle GT's with 90% + tread life on them.
- TPMS Sensors
- Volk Racing limited edition center caps
- RAYS lugs (blue)
- Hubcentric rings
- RAYS valve stem caps
There are absolutely no scratches, chips or imperfections on these wheels, as close to brand new as you will ever find.
Please not, the spoke stickers have been removed for a cleaner look, a new set can be provided in the color of your choosing if needed.
few more pics can be seen here, local pickup only at this time.
http://postimg.org/gallery/bn6h5lc2/7dad 44c4/

2013-05-28 14:11:06

FS: ALTP V2 Resonated exhaust, excellent condition FS: ALTP V2 Resonated exhaust, excellent condition

Selling my ALTP V2 resonated exhaust off my TL Type-S. ONLY reason i'm selling is because the car is going back to stock to be traded in... probably my favorite exhaust i've ever own. Fit and finish is just amazing, sound is incredible.... I will miss it. Exhaust has less than 10k miles on it and is in excellent condition, no dents, scrapes, etc.
Price is $950 picked up.
Few more pics can be seen here:
http://postimg.org/gallery/bn6h5lc2/7dad 44c4/
Will add more photos tonight/tomorrow when it is off the car.

2013-05-28 14:03:20

Anyone Ever Use Dent Wizard?

So a few months ago I ended up getting like four dents/creases in the back door of my I30 (above the body line, I can post pictures if it helps). I've been looking into Paintless Dent Removal and found that there's a body shop less than 5 minutes from my house in town that has Dent Wizard services so I was wondering if anyone had used them, how it turned out, and what it cost. I've read a bunch of posts online and most commonly the price seemed to be about $125 per panel, which I guess isn't unreasonable since they are all in the same place. I can probably go by the place on Tuesday and actually get an estimate from the guy as to how it will be. Or if it turns out I should look the other way from Dent Wizard, there's also Precision Dent Removal and Tri State Dent Removal in the general are

2013-05-26 20:35:44

FS: Staggered 19" Volk G2 Type-II with tires (8.5 and 10.5) FS: Staggered 19

Curb free like new MINT Volk G2 Type-II (with a lip). Purchased new last year in gloss black for my RX8. Had it refinished a couple of months ago to Diamond Grey metallic to match my RX8 with a polished lip. Selling car now and parting the wheels.
Spec: 19x8.5 +43, 19x10.5 +35, 5x114.3
Tires: NEW Hankook EVO-V12 245/35, 275/30 <500 miles on them
PM me if you are interested in buying.

2013-05-26 19:10:54

FS: 1ST Gen Acura TSX Tein S Tech Lowering Springs with Struts/Shocks FS: 1ST Gen Acura TSX Tein S Tech Lowering Springs with Struts/Shocks

Hey guys/gals, up for sale I have a set of Tein S Tech lowering springs for the first gen TSX. The springs are still on the struts/shocks. The front shocks are the original ones with 76k on them. And the rear struts are from auto international parts and were installed about 6 months ago with the springs.I am not looking to separate them. I just wanna sell as a whole package. Im asking $350 for locals and plus shipping for others. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you for looking...

2013-05-24 03:44:46

97 EL - Horn honking / beeping randomly when ignition turned on

The horn beeps by itself randomly and without warning while the ignition is turned on - the car can be idling or in motion when it happens. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all during my journey, while at other times, it starts maybe 10 mins. into my journey and continues on and off - even when I am stopped at a red light.
Although I can't speak to the root of the problem (may be only the horn, or also involving the car alarm system), I suspect that the outside temperature
is influencing this situation. The problem originally started last mid-October, then stopped in early December (no beeps at all during the winter), but started up again half a month ago (coinciding with a rather warm spell in Toronto, where I live). Is it possible that a wire or some such near the horn, that would have bee

2013-05-23 22:35:19

FS: volks LE37 19x8.5 19x10.5 5x120 FS: volks LE37 19x8.5 19x10.5 5x120

This wheels will fit 4G (2009+) Acura TL, 2G (2005+) Acura RL, 2007+ Acura MDX, Acura ZDX, Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, and 2009+ Honda Pilot.
This wheels I had it mounted on my e46 M3 and now they are for sale with Hankook V12 tires , tires have about 75% left and 2 wheels have a small curb rash.
19x8.5 +30 with 245/35
19x10.5 +25 with 275/30
Contact me by private message or text/call 646-784-3522
$price $2600 obo

2013-05-21 15:32:33

FS: Authentic RonJon Wheels 19" x 8.5" Inspyre chrome wheels rims / tires

Authentic Ronjon Wheels in chrome model Inspyre with
falcon tires
details are:
part: RJ398551C
Brilliant Chrome
lists for $435 per wheel
only asking $750 for entire set with tires, tires have approx 25% tread remaining
overall great condition
One rim has curb rash
others do not...
text / call with any questions
Attached Images
3E63Gd3Ne5N75Gd5F4d58740d9c000fb9163b.jp g
(46.5 KB)
(568.6 KB)
(478.9 KB)
3M43N63H35I45E45J8d58db091e09f44816b4.jp g
(28.6 KB)
3G93J63Hf5F95He5M8d5a667e763b2bb714ae.jp g
(21.5 KB)
3M63N13Hc5N15Fc5J4d5aaa1ae1b154e1165b.jp g
(22.6 KB)

2013-05-20 17:24:59

FS: XLR8 Non-Resonated Catback Exhaust FS: XLR8 Non-Resonated Catback Exhaust

Up for sale is (arguably) the most badass exhaust in the history of badassery...a non-resonated XLR8 cat back for our 3rd gen TL's.
Asking $550 OBO
Location: Nassau County, NY
You would not believe how many compliments I get on the sound of my car. I have been to several friends houses where, when I decided it was time to leave, several people came out of the house and followed me to my car just to hear it. I kid you not.
I have been running the exhaust for just over 3 years, the exhaust is in great shape, and and I am planning on putting my car to a more stock form. It is currently fully bolted on.
The exhaust has less drone on the highway than the Greddy but far more than stock. Its the nature of the beast. I have been in and driven with a TL with the Greddy and it had alot more drone.

2013-05-13 03:31:03

FS: Varrstoen 3.3.2 19's

im needing to sale my 19x9.5 varrstoen 3.3.2 with a plus 22 offset.. and YES they will clear brembos with no spacers..
the only reason im selling these wheels is cause I could use the extra money for my wedding..
u can go to my progress link or thread to see pics of the wheels on the car and ill try to post pics of the wheels asap if not ill text them to u.. these wheel have very very slight nicks unless right up on then u would never notice but no curb rash.. the tires have 80% or more tread still and also come with varrstoen logo center caps and a set without logo and a set for varrstoen tuner lugs and locks with key feel free to call me @316-992-7486 or pm me asking 1300 or o.b.o. buyer is responsible for all shipping charges
heres a link of pic best pic are on page 3

2013-05-10 02:05:45

FS: 2006-2008 TSX Backup Camera FS: 2006-2008 TSX Backup Camera

Hey everyone, I have a brand new never used TSX backup camera which would work in other Honda cars as well.
Basically this camera replaces one of the OEM license plate lights and for the TSX it plugs right into the back of the OEM navigation DVD player. There are plenty of DIY articles on how to do this.
I just got this, thinking I was going to buy a 2006 TSX but the sale fell through so I do not need this camera. This is the CCD version with guide lines so this is a great add on to any honda/acura which can accept this camera.
According to the eBay listing it fits the following models as well.
Honda Accord, model year is 2003-2010.
Honda Civic FD, model year is 2006-2011
Honda City, model year is 2008-2009
Honda Civic EK, model year is 1999-2000
Honda Acura TL, model year is 2006
Honda Ac

2013-05-06 02:58:15

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