X-Storage-Url and X-Auth-Token?

stackoverflow.com - 2013-04-29 09:23:14 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm following a tutorial to install swift openstacl object storage, in the lattests steps it ask me to do this : - "curl -v -H 'X-Storage-User: test:tester' -H 'X-Storage-Pass: testing' url:8080/auth/v1.0" -to Get an X-Storage-Url and X-Auth-Token and after that cheking that i can get an account by typing : curl -v -H 'X-Auth-Token:token...

iOS keychain access on device based on Provisioning profile

stackoverflow.com - 2012-04-15 08:06:58 - Similar - Report/Block

I have written an iPad (iOS 5+) app that saves the GTM-Oauth library to save the oauth token to the keychain. Based on the existence of the auth token, I perform different actions in my view controller: //Fetch the auth token from keychain GTMOAuthAuthentication *auth = [self myCustomAuth]; //perform actions: if (auth) { BOOL didAuth =...

Rails: token authentication from scratch

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-10 22:14:52 - Similar - Report/Block

I've got a rails app I want to start enabling some iOS integration with. I have a basic authentication system built mostly from scratch with a little help from Sorcery My understanding is there's basically two options for mobile integration: HTTP Basic Auth or Token Auth. From what I've been able to find so far it looks like Token Authent...

Postfix dovecot SASL smtp auth

stackoverflow.com - 2012-05-20 17:24:06 - Similar - Report/Block

I configured my email server following the tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfi xDovecotSASL Now when I telnet myserver.com 25 ehlo localhost the output is 250-PIPELINING 250-SIZE 10240000 250-VRFY 250-ETRN 250-STARTTLS 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN 250-AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 250-8BITMIME 250 DSN ===== According tutor...

Trying to understand the OAuth2 flow

stackoverflow.com - 2012-07-20 06:53:34 - Similar - Report/Block

So, I'm implementing a Provider with OAuth2. I get the part where the client applies for a client_id and a client_secret. This uniquely identifies them to the provider. So, now that they have that, and they are going over SSL, why is an authorize token needed? And then, after that, why is an authorize code needed? Also, why a refresh toke...

Get auth token in Gatling

stackoverflow.com - 2013-04-19 10:32:12 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm trying to use Gatling to test my API but I've got a problem. I'm testing for now the login/logout. At the login, the user got a token, that is used for logout. When I use the recorder, it keep a fix token, and of course, it doesn't work when I run the test. But I don't find in the doc or google how I can get dynamically the token. Doe...

New CSRF token per request or NOT?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-05-05 23:46:54 - Similar - Report/Block

So I am reading around and was really confused about having a CSRF token, whetever I should generate a new token per each request, or just per hour or something? $data['token'] = md5(uniqid(rand(), true)); $_SESSION['token'] = $data['token']; But let's say it's better to generate a token each hour, then I would need two sessions: token, e...

Why are Ember.js authentication solutions using token instead of server sessions?

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-16 16:46:11 - Similar - Report/Block

Every auth system I have seen for Ember has been token based. Is there a good reason why this is being done instead of relying upon server-side sessions? Considering that ajax is just regular HTTP requests I am failing to see the downside to server-side sessions to maintain authentication state.

Creating own Auth Driver in FuelPHP

stackoverflow.com - 2012-06-26 19:00:48 - Similar - Report/Block

Last 2 days I was searching how to build my own Auth Driver in FuelPHP. We need to check some users from other table because of old datas in our database. So, I need to write my own Auth Driver. First of all, I really don't know where I should start. Is it possible to build new Auth Driver from SimpleAuth(w/ extends)? Could someone help m...

How to use urllib2 when users only have a API token?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-04-08 12:26:57 - Similar - Report/Block

how would i tranfoms this curl command: curl -v -u 82xxxxxxxxxxxx63e6:api_token -X GET https://www.toggl.com/api/v6/time_entrie s.json into urlib2? I found this tutorial: http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/artic les/authentication.shtml but they use a password and username. I can only use an API token. Thank you. see also this question: Url...

Space station secure your assets with self storage units

informationbible.com - 2013-03-11 14:00:00 - Similar - Report/Block

Space Station provides you with the best solution for all type of storage including Domestic Storage, Business Storage, Personal Storage, Student Storage and Storage Boxes. Our clean, dry and secure storage units are the ideal place to keep your valuables safe and in good condition.

undefined method `user' for nil:NilClass

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-13 10:55:32 - Similar - Report/Block

In my model email token i have def self.token_valid(token, type) return unless token.present? token = EmailToken.where("token = ? and verification_type = ? and confirmed = 'false' and created_at <= ?", token, type, EmailToken.expires).includes(:user).firs t user = token.user end And i call this method from my controller def confirm_pas...

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WARNING: Can't verify CSRF token authenticity rails

stackoverflow.com - 2011-08-26 12:23:58 - Similar - Report/Block

I am sending data from view to controller with ajax and I got this error : WARNING: Can't verify CSRF token authenticity So I think I have send this token with data. Does anyone kno how can I do this ? Thanks. /******** Problem solved **********/ As I said, I needed to send the csrf token to the controller. I did this by putting the follo...

Unable to receive a permanent access token for my Shopify App

stackoverflow.com - 2012-06-30 12:47:56 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm following the Shopify instructions to get a permanent token for a particular app/shop combination (http://api.shopify.com/authentication.h tml). I'm able to get the temporary token and then use a simple html form to receive a permanent token: But the response I get is: {"error":"invalid_request"} Can you help me, please? I searched eve...

Can you get a public Facebook page's feed using Graph API without asking a user to allow?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-02-21 08:20:02 - Similar - Report/Block

I've never used Facebook's Graph API, or OAuth. I'm simply trying to get a public Facebook page's feed using the Graph API, but it requires an access token. I don't want to hassle the users to login and allow access to get their token. A Facebook app access token could be used to get a public feed, but I'm trying to do this entirely in Ja...

Tutorial 15 Adjustment layers brought to light

deviantart.com - 2012-07-06 17:10:41 - Similar - Report/Block

FACEBOOK FANPAGE TUMBLR TWITTER French version : [link] Here are three video of the first steps of a painting, you can see how I work the Adjustments Layers in Live : [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] Here is my tutorial list : Tutorial #14 : Photo-referencing Tutorial #13 : Water Tutorial #12 : Creativity Tutorial #11 : Three textures T...

django REST facebook authentication

stackoverflow.com - 2012-02-27 16:09:21 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a site that allows Facebook authentication using django-social-auth Now I also need to authenticate using a non-cookie-based API. My idea is to include a "sessionid=" as a POST field (it will be using HTTPS). So far I managed to "fool" django to access this sessionid as if it were a cookie (I basically do something like request.COO...

Excellent Self Storage Facility in Mississauga

tuffclassified.com - 2013-05-02 17:02:08 - Similar - Report/Block

With 1 Month Free Storage and Free use of moving truck Secure Self Storage offers an excellent storage experience in their Mississauga, Ontario facility. Available business, personal, car, boat and climate controlled storage; we have a variety of available units to accommodate your budget and meet all your storage requirements. To know mo...

Omniauth NoMethodError in SessionsController

stackoverflow.com - 2012-05-27 04:13:39 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi I'm trying to run Railscast's #241 - using Omniauth for twitter - eventually with facebook.The app I'm trying to make will require Facebook's login, but since there is a video on how to use twitter to login, might as well follow it first but I'm bumping into problems. I keep getting this error after I signed into Twitter. "NoMethodErro...

Home Network Attached Storage (NAS) with FreeNAS

torrent-invites.com - 2013-03-17 02:23:50 - Similar - Report/Block

About 6 months ago I consolidated all of my saved files from a couple different computers to one Network Attached Storage (NAS). I looked at purchasing a NAS but was not excited with the prices I would have to pay. I did not need a lot of special services like cloud access or business level technical support, so I decided to take a chance...

Return selected columns from a query in Doctrine 2/ZF

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-11 18:23:26 - Similar - Report/Block

I am using Doctrine 2 to manage my entity and Zend_Auth to manage authorisation. I can easily get a full details of a user using $user = $this->em->getRepository('Entities \User')->findOneByUsername($username) ); I successfully authorise, and then want to store the user so that I can access certain details $storage = $auth->getS...

Accessing HTML5 Local Storage from Rails app

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-19 23:41:07 - Similar - Report/Block

Is there any way to access HTML5 Local Storage from Ruby On Rails application? If there is any gem/javascript library (excepting backbone.js, because it is too difficuilt to rewrite existing app using it), please give me a link and good tutorial. And if you have your own code , that solves this problem, I'll be also happy :) Thanks!...

asp.net Web Api custom authentication requirement for mobile client

stackoverflow.com - 2012-04-08 08:24:45 - Similar - Report/Block

Please provide your feedback on my solution against following requirements. Requirement (similar to): 1.a let say that authentication Token is made out of the Email and date and is encrypted 1.b authentication Token is send back to the client through header 1.c authentication Token is stored on client and server My solution : 1) To send a...

Is the token provided upon login platform or device dependent?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-15 11:27:00 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm testing the login with FB feature for IOS (using version 5) and I encountered what could be a possible problem for me. When I try on the simulator, the token returned is different than the one returned when I login on my real device. IS it supposed to be this way ? IS this a bug ? If the token is related to the platform type(iOS simul...

Query about sql regarding export the results into excel

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-29 13:54:10 - Similar - Report/Block

In this query i tried to export the result into csv... But i am getting error as error:----Every derived table must have its own alias SELECT * INTO OUTFILE "c:/mydata.csv" FROM (SELECT e.server,e.token,e.datetime,e.workstatio n,f.surname,f.forename,f.token FROM statistic e, USER f WHERE e.token=f.token);...

Laravel 4: Unable to generate a URL for the named route "login" as such route does not exist

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-01 17:19:55 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm creating an authorization system in my Laravel 4 project. I am trying to use the auth "before" filter. In my routes.php file, I have: Route::get('viewer', array('before' => 'auth', function() { return View::make('lead_viewer'); })); Route::get('login', 'LoginController'); The before filter calls this line in the filters.php file: R...

Worklight LTPA SSO

stackoverflow.com - 2013-02-26 10:07:28 - Similar - Report/Block

I am creating a SSO application and I have set all the setting on WebSphere Application server and it's working fine and genrating a Token now my question is if I want to use same LTPA token in another application that are hosted in same server, Can i do this ? If yes can you give me any hint(or and sample code) how to pass the Token ? wh...

Is it a security risk to include 'CSRF token' in pages requiring no authentication?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-06-09 20:04:06 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a Django Site that uses Django's csrf-token for protection against csrf attacks. One of the forms can be accessed by public, including people who have not logged in. Csrf Token is supposed to give protection against cross domain requests. But in this case, one could just fetch that page in browser js console, get the csrf token thr...

Question about ESX guests and SAN storage

hardforum.com - 2013-06-09 17:52:46 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm drawing up plans for a new vSphere lab. I will have a storage server and multiple ESX hosts, tied together with infiniband SAN. Obviously the storage will be used to store VM guests. My question is: How can the guests make use of SAN storage as well? Is it even possible? It must be, but I cannot visualize it. EXAMPLE: I have a shared...

How to De-Authenticate a Windows Auth user with PHP

stackoverflow.com - 2012-04-03 21:26:28 - Similar - Report/Block

If a user logged in to my site with windows auth, how do I log the person out so that they will have to be authenticated again? (this is with IIS) For example the user logs in like this: Then the $_SERVER variable contains: [REMOTE_ADDR] => 172.34.567.891 [REMOTE_HOST] => 172.34.567.891 [REMOTE_PORT] => 44601 [REMOTE_USER] =>...

How to use Django CSRF token correctly?

stackoverflow.com - 2013-02-27 03:52:50 - Similar - Report/Block

I followed the django doc about how to use the CSRF token. ( https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/re f/contrib/csrf/ I understand the first two steps but I got confused on the step 3. In step 3, there are two options. Option 1: UseRequestContext. Option 2: Manually generate the CSRF token and add it to the template context. If I want to u...

PAINTtool SAI tutorial

deviantart.com - 2013-04-25 12:44:58 - Similar - Report/Block

After many requests, here's my new tutorial. I tried to explain everything as simple as I could, but if there are still things unclear to you, you can ask and I will try to answer them the best I can. programme: PaintTool SAI tablet: Bamboo WACOM The Sasuke drawing I used in the first part of the tutorial: The Makishima sketch: [link] Thi...

APNS token collision, stored in Postgres

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-02 18:05:51 - Similar - Report/Block

I use push notifications and store device tokens like I assume everyone else does. First I transform them into a string my app: NSString *deviceTokenString = [[[token description] stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSChara cterSet characterSetWithCharactersInString:@"<>" ]] stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@" " withString:@""]; Then I PU...

Rails auth without any gem

stackoverflow.com - 2013-02-20 13:33:36 - Similar - Report/Block

I did my own auth like on my old php site, I use sessions for that and md5 hash for pass. My session after auth look like that: {"session_id"=>"874e2703dbaa562da8350fe1 41612cb6", "_csrf_token"=>"o3g5VHz7f6BPCwpaphI/7qnB naDVBcguKVB4lXqvUss=", "user_id"=>2, "login"=>"123", "avatar"=>/uploads/resume/avatar/2/avata rs/noava.jpg, "group_id"=>1}...

Need Help - Bot's AUTH not fetching my details !!

thebotnet.com - 2013-04-20 11:56:08 - Similar - Report/Block

Dear All , I'm trying to use the linkcollider_1_2_0_0 bot downloaded from the forum.But when I try to auth myself in to the bot , It says I'm not authorized. Please help...

What does this notation: MyClassName in Java mean?

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-01 09:48:06 - Similar - Report/Block

Twitter has released a Java client library and included the following example code for using it: // Connect to the filter endpoint, tracking the term "twitterapi" Hosts host = new BasicHost(Constants.STREAM_HOST); StreamingEndpoint endpoint = new StatusesFilterEndpoint(); endpoint.trackTerms(Lists.newArrayList(" twitterapi")); // Drop in t...

[Erledigt] token php

php.de - 2012-07-25 14:29:37 - Similar - Report/Block

Ich habe ein Problem mit einem token, welches ich brauche, damit ein formular von einem Nutzer nicht 2mal mit demselben Inhalt usw. abgeschickt werden kann, z.b. indem er 2mal auf den Senden Knopf drückt. Hier der Code: PHP-Code: $token = session_id echo '<fieldset>' echo '<form action = "" method = "POST">' echo '<...

سوال: جلوگیری از حمله CSRF و مشکل در باز شدن چند صفحه (چند Tab)

barnamenevis.org - 2013-05-30 22:10:04 - Similar - Report/Block

من برای جلوگیری از حمله CSRF درون صفحه یک Token قرار می دهم و هنگام Submit فرم، Token را با متغیری که در Session رجیستر شده مقایسه میکنم. اما مشکل من این هست که اگر یک کاربر بطور همزمان صفحه مورد نظر را در 2 تب جداگانه باز نماید، فقط Token صفحه آخر معتبر می باشد. برای رفع این مشکل برای هر صفحه یک Token با کلید و مقدار منحصربفرد ایجاد می ک...

L' auth NON starta, Permission Denied!

inforge.net - 2013-06-08 16:28:22 - Similar - Report/Block

Salve a tutti, sono con dei fileserver 2011 su un dedicato freebsd 8.3 Dopo aver sistemato tutto all' interno dei fileserver l' auth non vuole partire, eseguendomi questo errore loop dopo aver startato (Ovviamente nel client il server è on ma da errore collegamento al server :|), ecco a voi l' errore mostrato e i file della cartella auth:...

Определить самое короткое слово и первые вхождения слов - С++ для начинающих

cyberforum.ru - 2013-05-04 10:05:59 - Similar - Report/Block

Вообщем задание такое: Дана строка слов, разделенных пробелами. Определите самое короткое слово. Оставьте в строке только первые вхождения слов. Собственно первую часть программы сделал, все работает, а вот со второй ступор, пытался просто в новый массив записывать первую букву каждого слова но что то не получилось, компиляция прошла а по...


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