Skel.js – A Framework For Building Responsive Layouts

artviper.net - 2013-05-20 07:47:11 - Similar - Report/Block

Skel.js is a tiny JavaScript framework (~6kb gzipped and minified) that simplifies building responsive layouts very much. It has a JavaScript-powered and 12-column grid system that can handle any type of complex layouts + has easy-to-understand rules. Managing breakpoints is just about adding the width ranges in the options of the skel.js...

Beautiful, Free & Responsive HTML5 Templates

artviper.net - 2013-05-21 17:53:02 - Similar - Report/Block

HTML5 Up! is a website that creates and shares very good-looking and free HTML5-CSS3 templates . All the templates have responsive layouts (down to mobile) (uses Skel.js ) and they are compatible with all major browsers. There are already 10+ templates where new ones are added within time and they can be used freely under the CCA license...

18 Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Designing

smashinghub.com - 2012-09-01 17:12:23 - Similar - Report/Block

Nowadays, one of the most in-demand things in web designing is responsive layouts. Responsive layouts boast some really cool elements which can help designers achieve great results and thus create unique and exclusive websites. These responsive layouts are Be the first to comment... Related Posts: 10 Best Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins...

jQuery Plugin For Simple-To-Complex Responsive Menus – FlexNav

artviper.net - 2013-04-19 09:39:49 - Similar - Report/Block

There are pretty standard ways to approach navigation when it comes to responsive layouts and, previously, responsive jQuery menu solutions were shared at WRD. FlexNav is another jQuery plugin for easily handling menus in responsive layouts and it does that well for complex ones too. The plugin has support for unlimited sub-menus that wor...

Free Responsive HTML5 + CSS3 Site Templates

artviper.net - 2013-05-22 07:10:52 - Similar - Report/Block

Advertise here via BSA HTML5 Up! is a small showcase of the free responsive HTML5 + CSS3 site templates that AJ put together while developing 5grid. All of them are clean, minimal, fully responsive site templates built on HTML5 and CSS3. They are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Requirements: Skel.js Framework Demo...

Designing a responsive website that lasts

smartinsights.com - 2013-04-30 08:45:00 - Similar - Report/Block

Building a website that predicts the future (sorry no lottery numbers included) You will have heard a lot about responsive web design (RWD) over the last 12 months, everyone seems to have an opinion about this hot topic. This post discusses the issue from a different viewpoint, showing the importance of creating responsive websites for de...

Smashing Android UI: Responsive Android UI and Design Patterns for Phones and Tablets

wowebook.org - 2013-06-03 16:19:11 - Similar - Report/Block

eBook Details: Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Wiley; 1st edition (October 15, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1118387287 ISBN-13: 978-1118387283 eBook Description: Teaches practical techniques for developing and designing applications that work on all Android phones and tablets Helps developers who have Android experience, but not...

[Wiki] How to Setting Layouts in Yii

yiiframework.com - 2013-05-11 06:48:09 - Similar - Report/Block

usually someone confused to make layouts in yii. and how do to make layouts in yii? whether to change the CSS Default? or should create a new css file? Okay I will explain a bit about how to create layouts in yii. let us consider The first thing you should do is download the file layouts that are small in Yii Layouts there are several opt...

How to debug into Cordova.framework in xcode

stackoverflow.com - 2012-05-14 08:24:36 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm having a problem where cordova is failing to start the camera app on iOS. A simple case works fine, but in my app, not so much. So I'd like to debug into the Cordova.framework to see what the problem is. But I can't figure out how to do it. I've built the Cordova project that's sitting next to the installed framework, and I've replace...

Can I change the layouts randomly with ViewFlipper?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-06-25 07:54:23 - Similar - Report/Block

My problem is that I want to go from layout 1 to any other layout by pressing a Button For example: From layout 1 with setDisplayChild(R.id.layout3) to go to layout 3 from a total of 4 layouts(Doesn't work). I made a container.xml that includes all four layout, but I can't go for example from layout 2 to layout 4 directly without using f...

T3 framework is now officially integrated into Joomla! 3.5 - Official Announcement

joomlart.com - 2013-04-02 00:06:17 - Similar - Report/Block

Last night Joomla! announced that the T3 Framework for Joomla! responsive templates will be officially integrated into the upcoming Joomla! 3.5 distribution with an early alpha release with Joomla 3.1. This is fantastic news, as 6 years ago JA Purity won the Joomla! Template Contest and now its our template framework, the day is not far...

Pinterest-Like Layouts Made Easy – Wookmark jQuery Plugin

artviper.net - 2013-03-06 07:25:46 - Similar - Report/Block

The dynamic column grid layouts are so popular not only because it is used by Pinterest but also because it is a great way of displaying content with different sizes . Wookmark , a Pinterest alternative, has released a jQuery plugin for creating such layouts, that work well on each browser, instantly. The plugin has very few options to se...

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How To Develop A Responsive Wordpress Theme With Bootstrap

dreamteammoney.com - 2013-04-25 11:40:37 - Similar - Report/Block

In creating a responsive wordpress theme, the hard task is to code the css file of the theme. The css file is responsible for theme looks and responsiveness. It will be more easier to create responsive wordpress theme when we have pre-coded responsive css sheet. Bootstrap is a framework that has inbuilt tools can be used to create respons...

Tiny And Responsive jQuery Slider – Unslider

artviper.net - 2013-03-17 13:40:35 - Similar - Report/Block

Unslider is a tiny jQuery plugin ( Read more:...

Google Angular Framework - Worth the risk?

stackoverflow.com - 2011-10-04 17:55:37 - Similar - Report/Block

I have been asked to build a small web application for one of our clients and think it might be a good opportunity to try out a different framework for building web applications. Most of the applications we build are based on asp.net web forms and we have no yet done anything in an MVC architecture but I am eager to start building web app...

Antwort – Free Responsive Newsletter Template

bloggermint.com - 2013-03-25 17:27:32 - Similar - Report/Block

Responsive newsletter layout for emails is more complex using Tables. Even after the adoption of responsive templates for websites and blogs, email templates remained untouched for quite a long time due to the complexity and designer haven’t bothered about it. Now with everything responsive and the importance of email, designer and deve...

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-04-11 12:33:50 - Similar - Report/Block

Game Creator "Tiny Troopers 2 is a shining example of how to do a sequel right." SlideToPlay, 4/4 'Must Play' "Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops offers tiny warfare with a large amount of fun." 148 Apps, 4/5 Stars Tiny Troopers are... FREE

Distribute WPF app with WIX and .net Framework

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-16 19:30:39 - Similar - Report/Block

I need to distribute my WPF application. I am using WIX for building the Setup.exe. But I also need to ensure that the .net framework 4.0 is first installed on the user's PC. I have downloaded dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe but how do I create a WIX installation that will contain MyApp.Msi and the .net framework redistribution file? What I r...

Build a Responsive, Single Page Portfolio with Sass and Compass – New on Premium

artviper.net - 2013-02-14 14:39:39 - Similar - Report/Block

There’s a lot that goes into creating a web site these days. We’re now building websites using HTML5, CSS preprocessors, APIs, custom typography and more. Our design challenges include responsive architecture, resolution independence and multi-device interaction support. In this Premium tutorial , we’ll build a single page portfolio that...

jQuery.Shapeshift: Pinterest-Like Dynamic Grids With Drag ‘n’ Drops

artviper.net - 2013-04-18 08:26:33 - Similar - Report/Block

There are various jQuery plugins for creating Pinterest-like dynamic grid layouts. jQuery.Shapeshift is a strong alternative to them with an an extra touch: the items can be drag ‘n’ dropped (uses jQuery UI) . The drag ‘n’ drop doesn’t effect the grid negatively as the grid auto-fills the gaps when needed . It also works on touch devices...

Can I use a constant declared in a framework without linking against the framework?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-06-12 19:49:38 - Similar - Report/Block

I want to access a constant NSString that is defined in a framework in objective-c without statically linking to the framework. I'm working on a framework myself and I don't want to link against the other framework because I know that some clients of my framework won't support the new framework. I've found that I can dynamically load a fr...

Arrange Images into Flexible Grid with Photoset Grid

artviper.net - 2013-03-27 06:28:29 - Similar - Report/Block

Advertise here via BSA Photoset Grid is a simple jQuery plugin to arrange images into a flexible grid , based on Tumblr’s photoset feature. Originally the plugin was created for the Style Hatch Tumblr themes as a way to use the photoset grid in responsive layouts, but they have since expanded it and released a jQuery plugin for us. Beyond...

ASP.NET Web API OData | TechBubbles

dotnetshoutout.com - 2013-02-21 09:40:20 - Similar - Report/Block

What is Web API? It is a Framework for building HTTP services on top of the .NET Framework. To get familiarise yourself with ASP.NET Web API then you can read this post here. What is OData? Open Data Protocol is a web protocol for accessing information via services. It is built upon technologies such as XML and JSON. More on this topic ca...

Tiny Toon Adventures Fan App for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-04-12 01:47:41 - Similar - Report/Block

Marketing Intent Tiny Toon Adventures Fan App with Videos and a Puzzle Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures (also commonly known as Tiny Toon Adventures or Tiny Toons), is an American animated comedy television series produced by Amblin Entertainment... FREE

Custom Controls or Frameworks for iOS

stackoverflow.com - 2012-02-06 08:30:47 - Similar - Report/Block

I am building an iOS app and I would like to add some visual appearance to it. I am trying to find a framework which I could use to have the ability to display the menu on the left hand side by pulling right. I would like to use the same method as the Facebook iPad app if possible. It doesn't have to be same: something similar would do fi...

Entity framework for PHP like .NET Entity Framework

stackoverflow.com - 2011-04-03 23:33:52 - Similar - Report/Block

NET developer and new in PHP. I want to know, is there a framework for PHP like the Entity Framework in the Microsoft .NET Framework? Are there any utility applications to make working with data faster and easier?...

Zend framework or Yii framework

stackoverflow.com - 2013-02-22 16:09:55 - Similar - Report/Block

Currently I have a project which is having 15 forms. I have little bit knowledge about Yii framework but I didn't worked with Zend yet. My client's requirement is to use either Yii or Zend framework to build it. Basically it will have JQuery stylings, validations, popup boxes etc. And also it will contain basic DB crud operations. Which f...

twitter bootstrap as our "go to" framework?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-05-15 20:08:49 - Similar - Report/Block

We've been using html5 boilerplate with blueprint css for the last couple of projects. With some tweaks, we were able to make blueprint "responsive". We like blueprint, but are concerned it may be a bit "dated", from what little we know about gui trends. We've been hearing a lot of buzz about twitter bootstrap 2.0. From what we saw, we li...

[ Want to Sell ] Free Virtuemart Templates For Store Online

jisportal.com - 2013-04-09 05:12:33 - Similar - Report/Block

Free Virtuemart Templates For Store Online Our free Virtuemart template for Joomla website. It is free Joomla Virtuemart template base on Gantry framework but also it invested carefully about design, choose frame work… This template will be supplied in both Free version (with responsive + Gantry framework) and Pro version (which other Vir...

Play! framework. IOException

stackoverflow.com - 2012-08-01 17:50:22 - Similar - Report/Block

I am new with Play! framework and in the process of learning. so, I'm building this dummy site and all of a sudden I get this message: IOException: Cannot run program "javac": java.io.IOException: error=12, Cannot allocate memory I got the latest jdk on my machine, and got enough RAM to allocate as far as I know... where is the problem...

24 Tips for Responsive Email Design

webmaster-rank.info - 2013-06-03 11:03:58 - Similar - Report/Block

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is hot, hot, hot, and gaining steam among ecommerce websites. But not to be overlooked is responsive email design (RED). As we learned from last week’s infographic, 43% of email is currently opened on mobile devices, headed towards 50% by the end of the year (...

Keyboard Pilot 1.6 - Switch keyboard layout for different applications. (Commercial)

macupdate.com - 2013-05-05 06:06:29 - Similar - Report/Block

Let Keyboard Pilot take over switching keyboard layouts for different apps. If you're using a non-English keyboard layout, you might have noticed that some applications work better with an English layout. Things like key shortcuts in Photoshop, or typing symbols like [ ] { } in Xcode. By letting Keyboard Pilot take over switching keyboa...

Test Automation Framework For Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps – Appium

artviper.net - 2013-05-22 04:45:30 - Similar - Report/Block

When building and updating native mobile apps, testing them can be a pain as this may require including an SDK or recompiling the app. Appium is an open source framework which helps automating mobile app testing from any language and any test framework, with full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code. It works for both iOS + Andr...

joomla JA_MERO template problems

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-15 15:28:59 - Similar - Report/Block

I am using JA_MERO template for joomla 2. 5, but unfortunately it is rendering different layout on different browsers and screens, even on the same laptop with same browser, it renders different layouts. the main problem is, most of the times, it is not providing any layout, just a normal html links are shown. developers describe it as re...

Advanced Android UI designs

stackoverflow.com - 2013-04-11 10:23:52 - Similar - Report/Block

I know how to make basic android layout designs but i was thinking of knowing really good ones so if anyone can help me with the following layouts: FilpBoard layout from the FlipBoard app. This (one with links like Windows Phone,Smartphone etc.) layout from [Appy Geek app][3]. This (character selection) layout from Subway Surfers app.

iOS Library/Framework, how to exclude specific classes from the build product?

stackoverflow.com - 2012-05-01 04:46:55 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm trying to build an iOS library/framework, which for the sake of simplicity we'll say exposes some class to projects using it. Now the problem is that class depends upon class , which is not meant to be exposed (or even included as a symbol) in the build output for the library. This causes problems because there is another library wi...

CreAtive Retro WordPress

deviantart.com - 2013-04-16 11:41:50 - Similar - Report/Block

Introducing Hipster WordPress, the perfect responsive WordPress theme for any personal or business website brought to you by ThemeForest authors Beantown Design and Fialovy. Hipster’s fully responsive design looks great no matter what device you’re viewing it on, desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. Customize your site with the extensive o...

Wild Tri-Peaks

ipadown.com - 2013-06-08 02:40:04 - Similar - Report/Block

1.14 适用设备: 与 iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 兼容。 需要 iOS 3.0 或更高版本 分类: 游戏 开发商: Patrick Hardie 大小: 30.34 MB 语言: 英文等 价格: ¥6, ***原价¥12,现在免费*** Version: 1.14 App简介: brings you classic Tri-Peak solitaire and much more! FEATURES: - 30 different card layouts, starting with classic Tri-Peaks - Beautiful graphics and sound - Saves your hand on exit/i...

Comentario en + 30 Herramientas útiles de Diseño Web Responsive por Carlota

eduarea.wordpress.com - 2013-05-30 22:06:45 - Similar - Report/Block

Hay una herramienta que me pasaron en la universidad: http://herramientas-online.com/responsiv e/responsive-design-test-online.php sirve para hacer un test a las páginas web moviles con responsive design.

.NET 3.x Как поменять .net framework после того как пол проекта написала - C# Windows Forms

cyberforum.ru - 2013-03-21 19:33:34 - Similar - Report/Block

Как можно понятно С .net framework 4.0 на .net framework 3.0 . просто создал проект написал пол кода а смотрю там .net framework 4,0 а мне нужен 3,0...


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