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wood plastic composite decking in China,price of wood plastic composite products in CHina wood plastic composite decking in China,price of wood plastic composite products in CHina

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Almost a year, flooring industry development in the lowlands, in many floor enterprise are treading on thin ice at the same time, some of the stronger floor enterprise is waiting, want to take this opportunity to complete the enterprise the inverse of the city expansion, in the flooring industry a more big territory within, from every better industry status, laying a broader territory.

Some worry that, as if to sniff out the taste of the city GDP worship, although GDP supreme development not respected, but in reality still be practice repeatedly. Let a person remember after the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis of the time. Unable to dissolve the excessive investment, merger the liability formed, some enterprise into trap expansion, the scale dream for failure reverse evolution tide. A fall of the enterprise, the lessons of the blood issued the "diversity that trap" scream, for blind expansion was a wake-up call wood plastic composite decking suppliers.

Greater and stronger, to the enterprise is an hard to resist temptation, many enterprises in such a seduction, do not wish to get heavy practicing skills, but for the expansion in the industry of a crazy GongChengLveDe, capital chain collapse very nervous, in such a case, once produce external environment changes, or enterprise cash flow suffocate suffocate, the enterprise capital chain rupture, "run road tide", "KongXinHua" appears to be avoided will appear wood plastic lumber products.

Big, is China's enterprise dream, because we had very small, very weak. Although the "big" slogan often and "strong" shout out together, or even reversed the order, and add the "do best," "do long" word, although "small is beautiful" had become a kind of pursuit, but most enterprise still can't erase the depth of bone marrow scale complex wood plastic composite decking manufacturers.

In addition to dream, and reality. Enterprise said, expansion is a realistic choice, for example, we in a business development, has been close to the ceiling, had to other areas to investment; We have been very focused, but industry profits razor-thin, those highly profitable living, the other people do, why can't we? After all, in the increasingly fierce competition environment, enterprise through the deep and innovation for good growth, than simply to external expansion, it is hard to know how many times.

There is another kind of reality, the enterprise do big, influence is big, discourse is strong, the policy dividend will tilt much; Enterprise do big, who also dare not ignored, eat you, you are not so easy to control.

So it seems that "big" is not only a kind of glory, a shortcut, it is a kind of protection. In this reality,to eradicate the pursuit of the scale expansion how difficult also impulse wood plastic composite decking in China.

But, must awake. Blind expansion of the game, your ruin. After all, indulging in the expansion game, enterprise often to forget the "small kayaks bundle of a big aircraft carrier" teaching, forget the venture ambition and ambitions, do not wish to take energy pursuing product innovation, technological progress and industrial upgrading, and long-term expansion impulse, inevitable meeting will be competitive digestion to danger.

Only scale, not the pursuit of enterprise is no vitality; Will only expand, not forging competitiveness of the enterprise won't live long.

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