The horde 2

Arrow Keys: Move around
Mouse: Click and place towers
Shift: Place multiple towers
Click Mini Map: Click and drag mouse around minimap to move quickly.

A tower defense game. The objective is to stop waves of monsters from reaching the other side of each map.

Towers: You can build towers by clicking the type you want from the bottom right and clicking on the map. Click a tower you have built to upgrade, imbue or set the targeting mode.

Imbueing towers: Gives towers a special power, although not as strong as the magical towers.

Monsters: Monsters have strengths, weaknesses and magical immunities. Click a monster to view its info.

The Playing Area: You can move around the map either by pressing the arrow keys or clicking the minimap. Click-and-drag on the minimap to watch as you move around.

Saving your progress: Each time you complete a level your progress is automatically saved allowing you to continue from whichever level you are up to if you close the game and come back later.