Spare no evil

- Use the W A S D keys to move the character, the mouse to aim and shoot.

- When you run out of 'ammo', you would have to reach any one of the predefined 'stations' to refill ammo. In each level, you have least one of these areas.

- In addition to the ammo in your gun, you have a backpack reserve which can be used to reload your gun(s). This is also refilled when you reach a station.

- You use the Q key to throw snowballs at enemies.

- You use the E key to kick enemies and knock them to the ground.

- You use the Spacebar to make dive rolls in any direction to avoid attacks.

- Upgrade your weapons, and buy new ones by trading 'Silver crystals' that the enemies drop.

- Take 'Eco crystals' to heal.

Spare No Evil is a top-down shooter much inspired by RE 4, with upgradable weapons, melee attacks, numerous enemies and boss characters.