Master pool

Left Mouse: Shoot
Mouse Move: Aim
Mouse Press and Drag: Rotate Table
Mouse Wheel: Zoom
Keyboard Controls
Arrows: Roate Table
PgUp/PgDn: Zoom

Two Game types
Speed Pool and Arcade Pool

Achivements to unlock:
Pool Amateur:
Poket all balls under 3 min in the speed game.
Pool Sharp:
Pocket all balls under 2 min 30 sec in the speed game.
Pool Ultimate Sharp:
Poket all balls under 2 min in the speed game.
Shot Champion Pocket 7 balls in series.
Shot Master:
Pocket 5 balls in series.
Shot Amateur:
Pocket 3 balls in series.
Pool Pro:
Achive 100,000 points in arcade game.
Pool Champion:
Complete all levels in the arcade game.
Lucky Break:
Gain 15000 Points for the first level in the arcade game.