Keyboard actionhero

Movement: Arrow Keys

Clean: Press the appropriate letter key on the keyboard to clean the dirty area.

SuperJump left/right: Double tap the Left or Right Arrow Key.

Pause: Spacebar

Featuring ActionHero, the obsessive compulsive superhero made of magical cleaning fluid in a tube. Defeat filthiness by cleaning dirty keyboards while learning keyboard-character placement. Co-op friendly!

* Featuring ActionHero, the only tube container superhero for hire
* defeat dirt and filth with your keyboard character placement memorization skills (phew!)
* Face three vicious enemies with different strategies to defeat them
* catch the floating health power ups to restore health
* Open stages means freedom to take on the Dirtiest keyboard in the world!
* Random dirt and enemy generation for maximum replayability!
* ActionClean, ActionStomp, ActionJump your way to more tips.