Gliding thunder

WASD: Move
Mouse: Aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire
Space = Fire Rocket/Drop Bomb
1 & 2 = Select secondary weapon
M = In game map
P = Pause

*menu fixed aug 3rd*
*go to "H pad" to end level after killing enemies, and/or restore health and ammunition.

There are 12 levels and 6 tutorial levels.

Take control of a hovercraft filled with bombs, missiles, and heavy guns.

Destroy all the turrets on the level then get to the "H" helli pad.

Save up points for upgrades of weapons.


Do the in game tutorial!
- Your primary weapon is a high firerate, upgradable chain gun.
- Prolonged firing, can jam the gun. In this case, cease fire and allow the temperature to drop.
- Your secondary weapons are medium power rockets and upgradable time bombs.
- Time bombs are very powerful You have 3 seconds to get away from them once dropped.

- Map - shows your location as well as walls, buildings, gates switches, and enemies.

- H Pad will replenish your ammunitions and repair damage to your ship.

- When all enemies have been destroyed, guide your ship onto the H Pad to end the level.