Gangsta bean

Movement: Arrow Keys
Shoot: Spacebar
Grenade: G Key
Primary Weapon: 1 Key
Glock: 2 Key
Knife: 3 Key
Mac10: 4 Key
Shotgun: 5 Key
AK47: 6 Key
Pause: P Key
Assist: Z, X, C, V Keys

Note: You can only call in assists once the VEH-Gs meter is full. Each key calls a different assist.

The evil Surgeon Peppers has completed his newest evil concoction. He's turning good foods, evil. Sounds like a job for, Gangsta Bean!

An exciting side scrolling platform fighting shooter game that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Shoot, stab, blow up and call in for back up on route to defeating the evil Surgeon Peppers yo.