Frontline defense

Mouse: Select and Place Units.

Hot keys 1 through 0 to quickly select purchasable towers.

Press C or select another tower to cancel a purchase.

The Ultimate Tower Defense Game, and one you can't stop playing.

Available Units:

Rifleman Turret: small tower manned by a single soldier with a standard issue rifle.

Electro Tower: releases a high volatage charge towards nearby enemys.

Bio Chemical Tower: possible chance of poisoning the enemy. Poisened enemies will run slower.

Shotgun Turret: small tower manned by a single soldier equipped with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Heat Ray Tower: this experimental defence tower can cook enemies from a great distance.

Ice Tower: fires shards of solid hydrogen - possible chance of freezing the enemy! Frozen enemies will move very slow.

Machine Gun Turret: Fires burst's of high caliber rounds. Has no special abilities.

Radar Tower: Gives a 20 point range boost to all units within range.

Flame Thrower: Possible chance of setting enemies on fire! Warning enemies on fire will run faster!

Sniper Tower: This towers higher point of view offers greater visibility. Manned by a single soldier armed with a sniper rifle.

Power Amplifier: Gives a 5 point damage bonus to all units within range.

Rocket Turret: Slow but powerful - fires homing rockets that pack a punch - Great for slower stronger enemies.