Click fest 4

Use your mouse to pop all of the balls on the screen as fast as you can! But whoa, not so fast! You are now penalized for clicking and missing the balls on the screen. Another new feature is the X-Ball. Click this bad boy and you will be penalized by 2 seconds!

Fun Facts:
Over 4,500 balls are used in Click Fest 4
The average user clicks around 3.5 balls a second in Click Fest 4
Click Fest 4 is a great game

Click Fest is back and it's better than ever! With 6 brand new stages and 3 classic stages, this 4th installment will make hours seems like seconds!


View Statistics Button - Click this at the end of your game to see how many balls you clicked per second, how many times you missed etc etc

X-Ball - Avoid clicking the X-Ball, as it will add 2 seconds to your precious time!

Sequential Levels - Instead of all out clicking carnage, you have to have quick hands and eyes to click all of the balls in order.

Classic Levels - Play your favorites from the past right here!

Music Changer - Select any song you want by clicking on the drop down menu during the game!